With its new Ambassador app, GIGM enables you to make money selling bus tickets

  • Nigerian mobile company GIGM has announced the launch of its Ambassador app, which allows individuals to sell bus tickets and earn a 10% commission on sales, powering the company’s ambassador program.
  • There are three verification tiers, the first one allows users to sell tickets for up to 50,000 won per month. The second category has a monthly limit of ₦200,000, while the third category is unlimited.

possible use cases

GIGM has previously launched a similar program to help individuals “move freely.”

For example, its corporate partner program allows people with vetted vehicles to earn money when their cars are added to GIGM’s fleet. As GIGM CEO Enahoro Okhae said, the company also has a program called Owners Captain for drivers who have been with them for a long time to own their buses. Tech Point Africa by calling.

“As a business, we’ve decided that one of the things we’re going to do other than make money is always look for ways to empower people financially.”

Chidi Ajaere, CEO of Greatman Legend (formerly GIG Group), agrees with this position.

“The Ambassador app is a timely response to the economic climate in Nigeria, as users gain another source of income. As an entity, we invest in innovation that drives human progress, and I look forward to the leadership and team at GIGM taking a more human-centred approach action.”

cross section of application

The app creates several use cases, according to Okhae, who gave some examples.

“Whenever any type of technology is deployed, the people who adopt it decide how big they want to use. So Shogun at UNIBEN can decide that this will be his main source of income, he sets himself the goal of selling To everyone in the dorm.

“PoS people can use it. Someone in the office where people travel a lot can use it. There’s going to be a lot of people in church who go on a trip and it can be used.”

All users go through a three-tier approval process.

The first stage is phone number verification. This allows users to sell ₦50,000 worth of tickets per month. Tier 2 is capped at KRW 200,000 per month and requires a National Identification Number (NIN). The third tier, authorizing unlimited transactions, requires individuals to bring two sponsors.

Kenneth Nwanganga, CTO of GIGM, said in the launch: “The process of developing a new product begins with extensive research on many key factors including the customer journey. It is important that products provide consumers with a seamless experience.

“With a total ticket processing speed of less than 5 minutes, Ambassadors have the ability to up-sell the GIGM brand and process tickets quickly and efficiently for interested travelers.”

Currently, customers can pay by transferring money to a company account. They can also pay by credit card thanks to the integration with Azapay and Woven Finance.

After the transaction is completed, the customer receives an email with their ticket details.

Affiliate marketing is on the rise

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is slowly becoming a trend as more companies and startups use this strategy to acquire customers.

In Nigeria, some of the largest affiliate marketing programs are run by e-commerce and betting sites, with companies such as Jumia, Konga, ShopEX, Payporte, Bet9ja and 1xBet profiting from the market.

GIGM’s ambassador app runs on this idea, which the company calls the idea of ​​peer-to-peer marketing.

According to Investopedia, affiliate marketing is an advertising model where companies compensate third-party publishers for generating traffic or directing them to the company’s products and services. Third-party publishers are affiliates, and commissions incentivize them to find ways to promote the company.

This is the first time a mobile company has done such a thing, Okhae said.

“This has never been done before. We are the first to think this way and implement it in the mobile space.”

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