Why you should outsource your business marketing to an expert agency

Any marketing webinar will teach you that running a business is different from advertising. Many great products collect dust on the shelves because they are not marketed properly. Marketing is an ongoing process. It involves a smart and flexible strategy, market research, awareness, impactful design, and a core message that can connect with people. Producing this core message in-house requires skill and experience. What’s more, it may cost you.

Some businesses have tried working with in-house marketing and creative teams, but found the practice expensive and inefficient. This is because a large number of professionals are required to join. There are strategists, copywriters, media planners, digital media managers, community managers, developers, designers, and more. Each of these roles is different, which means you have to pay to hire freelancers or hire full-time employees for these roles.

Most companies cannot afford to spend too much revenue on recruiting marketing resources. Most of them don’t. Take brands like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, for example. Both companies work with numerous marketing and media planning agencies around the world. They do this because outsourcing their business marketing is cost effective and impactful.

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The importance of effective marketing

Traditional and digital marketing work on team-based systems. Agencies can generate appealing ideas as a group of talented creatives come together and brainstorm ideas. They collide ideas and produce a complete and aesthetic result. You don’t want your business to miss this idea by trying to hire a mix of resources within the company.

Think of it this way: You want to improve your customer service. You set up an auto attendant phone system to take customer calls and move them down the sales funnel. Problems arise when you can’t consult your agency to craft the perfect greeting.

This greeting should align with your brand values ​​and create a positive association in the minds of your consumers. An agency can help you reach clients creatively, something you can’t get from an in-house brand manager.

Your focus should be on spreading an effective message so you can build loyalty and attract new consumers.

An agency with talented professionals can help you get the results you want with the KPIs you set. Plus, you don’t have to pay exorbitant fees to express your views or grow your business.

Consider the importance of a seemingly trivial strategy: online reviews. Many businesses mistakenly neglect to add positive reviews to their landing pages, which cost them customers. The Drum reports that 93% of consumers read online reviews before deciding to choose a company’s product or service.

Simply put, it’s not enough to build a high-tech inbound contact center. Ensuring consumers accelerate marketing and sales funnels in the best possible way. This joyous thing is possible when you let a professional marketer do the work for you. Let’s look at some more reasons to outsource marketing to an agency partner.

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Reasons to Outsource Marketing to Expert Agencies

1. Keep up with trends

Performing skill updates can be time-consuming and expensive. Marketing has become digital, which means the mediums used by advertisers are constantly changing. After a few months, certain once-relevant apps exited the digital scene. Even tech giants like Facebook have had to advertise aggressively to outsmart competitors.

If you have a professional agency working, you don’t have to worry about being ahead of the marketing game. Digital marketers are learning around the clock and learning about new technologies, platforms and advertising strategies. It saves you valuable time on ongoing training and implementation and lowers opportunity costs.

For example, if you have problems organizing or analyzing big data, you can consult the agency’s resident data specialist. You don’t need to know the details or compare programs like Apache Kudu vs Hive vs Spark. Just brief your institution and they’ll sort out your data warehousing and analytics needs.

2. High-end and high-efficiency

Growing too big and too fast comes with many risks. This applies to your business even if the product flies off the shelf. This is a prominent problem if your needs are rapidly increasing. As more and more people place their orders, it can be difficult for you to keep up. The worst thing that can happen is that your website crashes or your order is delayed.

Internal teams can do a lot. Developers working on the backend can try to address server overload, but at the same time need to take other measures. Customers with delayed orders get increasingly annoyed while waiting for their packages to arrive. This can damage your brand reputation and drive away consumers.

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When you outsource marketing to an agency, you have a team to call on in these unexpected situations. Expert marketers often develop contingency plans if a potential PR crisis threatens their clients. In addition to firefighting, your agency partner can provide you with a digital manager who can take care of your e-commerce order processing and help optimize the process.

3. Gain a fresh perspective

You may be uncomfortable with outsourcing marketing, but there’s no denying it will give you better results. Brands are constantly competing to get ahead and achieve iconic status, i.e. becoming household names or replacing verbs. For example, no one now says they will “use a search engine.” Everyone just googles stuff.

Your company won’t enjoy this competitive advantage if you’re always looking internally. Hiring a marketing expert from outside your business can give you the advantage of an outside perspective. There are many issues you might overlook by being too close to a brand, but an agency can fix them.

For example, you might not notice that your main font is outdated and looks tacky. The agency’s designers or creatives will immediately take it and make the necessary changes so your brand can compete on an equal footing with everyone else.

The best part is that the agency experts are always available when you need them because of their emphasis on customer service. When necessary, you can ask them questions, concerns or general thoughts. Some companies add some of their proxy employees to their private branch exchange (PBX) for easy access. This also allows agency professionals to provide better feedback as they are closely tied to the system.

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4. Get new resources

One of the great things about external agents is that they have connections with many suppliers. Let’s say you want your website to have a blog section so you can improve your SEO rankings. Finding, interviewing, and hiring experienced bloggers can be difficult. It’s a waste of time you don’t have.

Marketing experts at your agency know everyone from bloggers to content creators to filmmakers. All you need to do is make a phone call and the agency will find the perfect resource for any project you want to get done. They also handle the heavy selection process, so you can spend time growing your business.

The best part is that you don’t have to pay these vendors their typical affiliate commission. Most content creators sign up with agencies knowing they’ll get paid less, but more exposure and more jobs. Your agency partner can offer you discounts so you can get your message across the way you want.

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Efficient project management is the key to outsourcing

If you’re concerned about working with an outside marketing agency long-term, you might consider integrating with Salesforce CRM to track your outsourced marketing efforts. Alternatively, you can hire an outside agency partner for certain key events, activities or projects.

For example, if your company is launching a new product and you want a launch event that attracts the most attention, you can outsource it. The marketing agency will work with the activation agency, and you’ll be ready for a campaign worth talking about.

This also applies to campaigns. Let’s say you’re a small business doing internal marketing in a normal year, but want to invest in a new campaign. You can hire an agency partner to execute the campaign from start to finish. The pledge will continue until the end of the campaign. No strings attached. It will save you the trouble of trying to develop an Integrated Marketing Campaign (IMC) plan yourself, especially if you are inexperienced.

Results-driven marketing is more than just advertising on social media. Effective marketing starts with market research and ends with creating an iconic brand. This has to do with what your ad is about, where it’s placed, who’s interacting with it, whether someone clicks it, etc. Outsourcing this complex process will give you a huge ROI and grow your brand effectively.

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