Which eCommerce platform is the most popular Tactical and FFL website, WooCommerce or Shopify?Here’s what the latest data shows

Windham, Maine, November 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – A recent review of query data integration from BluePaymentAgency.com shows that tactical site owners who choose WordPress and WooCommerce outnumber those who choose Shopify Inc. as their eCommerce platform roughly 2:1 .

WooCommerce and Shopify Inc. dominate the eCommerce market. WooCommerce is a WordPress eCommerce plugin used by over 6,500,000 websites, according to data and statistics published by usage company BuiltWith®. Shopify Inc. is a hosted, all-in-one eCommerce platform with more than $42 billion Only in the third quarter of 2022, according to Shopify’s public reports.

According to Blue Payment Agency, an anonymous snapshot of 50 website integrations and inquiries revealed that of sites using one of the two main platforms, 40% of Tactical and FFL sites use WooCommerce and 20% choose Shopify as their solution.

Although the data published by Blue Payment Agency focuses on Tactical and FFL websites using Shopify or WooCommerce, Tactical and FFL website owners typically use many other website builders to accept payments for legitimate Tactical items and FFL online sales.according to alex royPresident of E-Commerce 4 IM LLC, the parent company of Blue Payment Agency, “The only other platform with more than 10% usage in our Tactical and FFL integration and query dataset was Wix at 16%, followed by BigCommerce, Squarespace and GoDaddy makes up the vast majority of the rest — excluding GunBroker, which is our most common integration.”

Choosing an eCommerce solution wisely is critical for new tactics and FFL website owners. Alex says, “Besides seeking qualified legal advice up front and making sure all firearms are only shipped to other licensed dealers, setting up the right website builder at the outset is the most important thing a tactical or FFL business owner can do. One of the decisions to make. Website owners must ensure that payment gateways work well with their shopping cart of choice.” Additionally, Alex continues, “Business owners should read all vendors’ allowed use policies, as tactical websites are sometimes subject to Bound by these policies. Certain website builders, including Shopify, have significant restrictions in allowing FFL transactions. Others, like Weebly, prohibit the use of weapons. Again, though, policies change, so sit with a lawyer, Read the provider’s terms carefully.”

The choice of eCommerce platform often influences other decisions of the website owner. For example, for businesses looking to choose between the “big two” Shopify and WooCommerce, compatibility is critical.according to alex roy, Blue Payment Agency offers an online application with built-in “if/then” logic that facilitates the payment gateway setup process based on a variety of factors, including whether the seller is FFL or non-FFL Selling less regulated tactical items such as knives and prep supplies . To save website owners time and frustration, their fast web-based process helps businesses find the right payment processing method for their products and shopping carts.

Blue Payment Agency is a tactical and FFL friendly payment gateway provider based in maine Focus on providing US businesses with payment gateways suitable for their e-commerce websites. According to their website, BluePaymentAgency.com, their goal is to help tactical website owners easily accept online payments. To learn more about their Tactical and FFL payment gateway, visit their website directly https://bluepaymentagency.com/fast-affordable-firearms-credit-card-processing/.

To see more details on Shopify vs. WooCommerce usage and integration data for Tactical and FFL sites, visit https://bluepaymentagency.com/woocommerce-vs-shopify-for-tactical-and-ffl/

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