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What is anonymous website hosting?

Anonymous web hosting allows you to register under a pseudonym while setting up the best web hosting, keeping you private online (opens in new tab) Satisfy your needs.

What does anonymous website hosting do?

An element of anonymous web hosting is registering a domain name with a privacy-conscious provider (Image credit: Unsplash)

Anonymous web hosting is the closest thing to a truly private website online. It offers a number of different ways to ensure that ownership of a website cannot be traced back to you. These include:

  • Pseudonym registration: users do not need to use their real name to register for anonymous website hosting
  • No mailing address requirement: when registering a domain name (opens in new tab)You don’t need to use your actual address to do this
  • Anonymous Payments: Most anonymous website hosting companies allow you to pay using anonymous and protected encrypted transactions instead of regular payment methods
  • Located in places with strict privacy laws: when using a VPN, for example, the country of origin of the website hosting company can decide which privacy laws are involved; those with more relaxed laws are best for the most privacy-conscious
  • Whois Privacy Protection: Many anonymous web hosting companies as well as regular web hosting companies use Whois Privacy Protection to ensure that others cannot view their details online

How Departments Use Anonymous Website Hosting

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IT departments can benefit from increased security if the website is hosted anonymously (Image credit: Unsplash)

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