Vishal Singh and learn about his inspiring journey

Vishal Singh, a self-made entrepreneur specializing in digital marketing, has also poured into the ocean of the Internet with more than 10 years of experience in the process of making dreams come true like millions.

This exciting journey began in early 2010, when Vishal was a child, and has been an internet bug since the days of dial-up connections, when, out of sheer curiosity, he began to pay close attention to the online world, trying to understand firsthand what of how things work. When he began to discover the infinite possibilities offered by the Internet, the idea of ​​starting a business was born in his mind. Vishal then self-funded without knocking on the door of angel investors.

Mr. Singh has a super rich portfolio that is undeniably worth taking a look at:

Recently entered the WEB 3.0 saga, responsible for launching marketing growth for numerous crypto/blockchain projects and NFT projects, helping them implement innovative SEO and SMM on large social media platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Discord, Reddit, etc. strategy, and others.

Using his internet marketing expertise, Vishal has been able to complete projects in the blockchain marketing space with market caps ranging from $100,000 to staggering 9-figure multi-million dollar market caps (ie – $100,000,000). He has made 8-figure profits by focusing on cryptocurrency/blockchain market capitalization, holder growth and other technical aspects through his digital marketing skills.

Vishal has worked with various tech start-ups and brands from Dubai, the US and India as a digital marketing specialist. He manages over 100 million social media bases on Instagram and Facebook, including the social media pages of Hollywood A-listers such as Snoop Dogg, Charlie Sheen, J Holiday, Akon, Justin Bieber and more! The algorithms he designs and the strategies he applies help them grow their audience, reach and engagement.

Making his command in the influencer marketing department even stronger, Vishal has a weekly reach of 20 million+ Facebook pages that easily spread through his algorithmic tactics, sending massive amounts of real-time traffic.

In a recent Outlook interview. He was asked what excites you to be an entrepreneur and how did you learn so much at such a young age?

“I’ve been experimenting on the internet since I was a student, and I was so curious to know everything that was happening on the internet, I spent days and nights thinking about the logic behind different things, figuring out how we could put our content in different ways Monetization method. Since then, I have aspired to be an entrepreneur.

I am self-sufficient, no angel investors or any fancy lending stuff, I do everything myself. I have never eaten, learned everything from the internet, I barely have time to sleep at night, I have no problem with it. It makes me even more excited to be one of the foundation builders of digital marketing before it goes mainstream, and while I agree that education is the most important thing, being where your passion lies will get you to the ultimate checkpoint. Mr Singh said I am grateful to my family for always supporting me in my work and inspiring me during my difficult times. ”

In addition, there are two feathers in Vishal’s portfolio –

Affiliate Marketing – This is one he has been doing for years. He previously worked as an Affiliate Manager at Big Affiliate Networks, leading a team of affiliates helping them provide the best affiliate deals based on their traffic and interested Geos from different industries such as health, lending, gaming, and medical companies to optimize ROI.

Drop-shipping – This has also resulted in considerable benefits for Vishal as he enjoys the process of using fast express delivery to ship products directly from China to the US through his E-Commerce Ventures. He has some clever ad placement tricks to get people to buy things when they need them.

According to Vishal, one must always work hard and follow one’s passion to eventually be successful one day. He also added that when you have a dream, you have to hold onto it and never let it go.

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