USC Football WR Brenden Rice signs smart NIL deal to help secure generational wealth

Wide receiver Brendon Rice, who started the USC football team, just signed a NIL deal to be one of the face of a new partnership between MoneyLion and INFLCR. MoneyLion is the destination for financial products, content and advice. INFLCR is the leading content and compliance software platform that helps college athletes comply with new NIL regulations.

This partnership makes MoneyLion the platform’s official currency app. Many college athletes are already taking advantage of this partnership when offering products on financial preparation, investing, money hacking and other benefits. Rice’s signing of the agreement gives him access to all the financial instruments that come with the partnership.

When I spoke to Rice recently, he really believed in using this NIL deal to teach him about financial preparation and how to take advantage of this new NIL era. While it’s fun to have the opportunity to make money as a college athlete right now, there’s an added responsibility if you want to make sure the money is spent.

“You’re going to see NFL players going broke and battling life after football,” Rice said. “You have to make sure you keep your money going. You have to invest in things like stocks to keep you high.”

Brenden Rice also made it clear that he “always” talks to his USC football teammates about MoneyLion and its benefits. These are the conversations athletes need to have with each other to make sure they make the money they need.

After all, about 16 percent of NFL players end up going broke within 12 years of retirement (according to the National Bureau of Economic Research). Coming from an NFL background (Rice is the son of HBCU and NFL legend Jerry Rice), he may have been educated on these issues. MoneyLion helped him through the chaotic and fast-moving NIL era.

The era quickly spread among college athletes. All of a sudden, there’s an opportunity to profit from what players bring into schools, and it’s important for athletes to be able to make sure they’re using this new era in the best possible way.

“We’re seeing athletes receiving multi-million dollar deals and stuff like that,” Brendon Rice said. “They’re not educated on how to invest and build wealth.”

However, with the help of MoneyLion, financial literacy has become easier for these athletes. It also helps Brenden Rice and other athletes who utilize the app and platform make the best decisions. These athletes should no doubt earn their own money through their names, images and likenesses. With this money, however, comes a great responsibility.

“With that money, you have to make sure you’re financially stable and make sure you build it for the long haul,” Brendon Rice said. “You don’t want to blow it on the little things — clothes, dress, that sort of thing.”

Brenden Rice is a dynamic wide receiver who was a four-star transfer en route to the USC football program. He has a real chance to shine in this game, with the former four-star recruit (247Sports) starting at the position despite plenty of other four-star talent in the receiving room.

He has the talent and athleticism to enter the league, especially since he’s also a dynamic returner for special teams. However, even so, football is not forever. Preparing for life after the game is necessary.

“MoneyLion provides athletes with data and advice to provide opportunities to educate financial literacy,” said Brendon Rice. “We have to think about life after exercise… With MoneyLion, it can put everything in the right place to help with that.”

The team is currently 2-0. Brendon Rice has yet to get a ton of goals, but that’s not an indictment of his performance. There are so many weapons in this offense that even a starter like Brendon Rice won’t be significantly impacted. So far, though, Brendon Rice has been picking up passes in every game, and the offense in general is cooking. He will get his target soon.

One of the biggest questions about this team is that while Brendon Rice (from Colorado) and many other transfers brought in by head coach Lincoln Riley are very good players, How much time they will bring in a lot of new faces in a short amount of time together. Many have questioned whether this team can get the chemistry fast enough to be successful in 2022.

However, Rice never questioned it. He even told me before the season that he wouldn’t be that worried.

“We definitely have this chemistry,” Brendon Rice said. “We are the most diverse group ever… We are a group of transfers from different backgrounds. As you can see, we are fully integrated into the program. We are honing in on it every day.”

He must be right. Chemistry isn’t an issue at all for this team. They’ve even cut their AP Top 25 polling rankings in half, moving up to No. 7 this week after finishing No. 14 in the preseason. For Brendon Rice, though, the best part isn’t just the football side of his life right now.

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He knew that even after playing football, he was ready to succeed, teaching athletes how to invest and make smart financial decisions when money came in through MoneyLion and its products.

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