The top secret of making more money

The top secret of making more money

How to develop a mindset to attract more money? How to be a money magnet?

How do you rewire your brain and reprogram your mind to attract more wealth and prosperity?

Today I’m going to teach you something very, very profound, and I think you’ll find it very, very interesting.

So if you are struggling with money and want to make more money but somehow you always feel stuck, I think this article is for you. Here I will share different concepts about training the brain to make more money.

The Top Secret of Making More Money – My Experience

So, I want you to imagine that money is your lover.

This is someone you love and someone you care about.

Maybe your husband, your wife, or your boyfriend or your girlfriend.

I want you to imagine.

I want you to examine your current relationship with money.

I want you to imagine if you treat your loved one, your lover, like you treat money.

How long will he or she last?

How long will he or she stay with you?

So I’m going to give you some examples that I want you to think about when you hear them, your love, have you ever felt this way about money?

Have you ever said these words out loud or quietly about money in your head?

to your lover?

Did you ever say something that you didn’t make me happy?

Now imagine if you said that about money.

You don’t make me happy.

How long will the money last?

Have you ever heard someone say money can’t bring me happiness?

Go ahead. Or you are not that important to me.

Imagine you say this to your lover.

It’s not as important as talking about money.

Money is not everything.

Have you ever said that I don’t understand you?

I don’t understand money.

Money is too complicated for me.

What if you are the bad guy?

Imagine saying this to your wife and your husband every day.

Have you heard that money is the root of all evil?

I don’t want to deal with you what should I do?

It’s no different when you say I don’t have time to understand and learn how money works.

no difference.

It’s hard to keep you.

It’s hard to keep money.

Or you are a liar.

Imagine saying this to someone you love.

This is tantamount to saying that only people who cheat can make money, or that everyone who has money cheats to make money.

Or you are a liar, you are a thief. Well, all rich people lie, they steal.

no difference.

Or you are not spiritual.

Rich people are not spiritual.

This is a good man and I don’t deserve you.

I am not worth the money.

Or you are not good.

I’m not good at managing money.

Or you have a hard time.

Making money is hard.

Or it’s a good one and I’m ashamed of you.

It’s no different than saying we don’t talk about money at dinner.

Out of all these beliefs, maybe you keep saying that all these things are for the money.

But that’s what’s going on, and if you say some of these things, maybe outside of this list, you sometimes say a thing or two about money, and that’s what’s going on.

Tell me if this is true. Maybe you made some money in the past. You’ve had some success in the past, but it’s always been that way.

Like a roller coaster. You succeed, you lose it, you succeed, you lose it. You can’t seem to keep going. It’s no different in a relationship.

It’s like a couple.

You are together.

Everything seems to be quotable-unquoted, but with some underlying beliefs.

You believe that you are not good, otherwise I am not worthy of you.

Then one day your loved one tells you that you know what’s not going to work.

I want to break up with you.

And you’re like, what the hell happened?

It’s just with.

It’s not connected.

I don’t think this is going anywhere.

what do you mean?

We were together for three, four, five, years.

No, no, it doesn’t work. Well, it’s the same.

You have one or two negative beliefs about money and all of a sudden the thought pops up that money wants to leave you and that’s why you can never get hold of it.

That’s why you succeed, you lose it, you succeed, you lose it,

You succeed, you lose.

Isn’t this fun?

How do you treat money differently when you see it as a person?

If you’re going to hold money and you want to hold it for the long haul, what do you do? Here is an answer. Here’s my experience with maintaining and growing money…I’m 101% sure this will work for you too.

Here’s my secret to attracting more money –

I like money.

I love money.

I talk about money.

I treasure money.

I appreciate money.

There is nothing dirty about it. People say you know what smells good when you have money.

Smells really good today.

You look so beautiful.

I love you.

I want you by my side.

I cherish you.

Imagine treating money this way.

So you can get more.

This is how you attract more wealth.

Now what if you want me to teach you how to rewire your brain to attract more prosperity?

How do I cultivate this millionaire mentality?

Join my master class ( as I teach you – how to develop a millionaire mindset, rich habits, millionaire and multi-millionaire mindset.

Not just teaching you, I’ll reprogram your mind to free you from some of the negative money beliefs that hold you back.

Think of your money like a garden.

What will happen to the garden?

If you don’t nurture it, you don’t pull those weeds, you ignore it, and the weeds will grow.

You need to constantly, once a month every few weeks, you have to mow the lawn, right?

Pull out weeds.

So you have a beautiful garden.

By default, if you don’t do something to nurture your mind to nurture your garden, weeds will grow.

Negativity will grow.

Negative beliefs about money grow.

guess what?

Because other people have been planting these thoughts and ideas in your head your whole life, so they installed this piece

Software without your permission.

Time to remove that software, time to upgrade your mind.

Wouldn’t you say so?

Click the link below and see you in the Infopreneur community.

This study/idea was inspired by the contents of the New York bestseller – The Magic Book (Ronda Byrne).

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