The Princeton University Art Museum Store offers a range of craft and art-related gifts

Creative Choice: “We’re different because we’re the Princeton University Art Museum Store, and we specialize in regional artists and their crafts. We’re also a reference point for museum information.” Allie P. Wolf (left) is the store Wholesale and Retail Operations Manager at , shown with employees, from left, Hatice Cam, Michael T. Banks, Regina Massaro and Stephanie Ronquillo.

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Discover art in all its beauty, variety, and myriad forms at the Princeton University Art Museum Store.

This tiny store at 56 Nassau Street is a treasure trove—a cornucopia of gifts. It offers original creations by local artists and artisans, as well as a variety of art-related gifts.

It opened in 2019 at its current location on Nassau Street and Palmer Square, and was previously located on the campus of the Princeton University Art Museum. The museum, now closed, is undergoing a complete rebuild and is scheduled to reopen in 2024.

“The store’s focus is on supporting local artists and showcasing their work in glass, ceramics, wood, metal, textiles and jewelry,” explains Allie P. Wolf, the store’s buyer and manager of wholesale and retail operations. “In addition, we have items related to the Princeton University Museum, including museum catalogs and books.”

youngest customer

Reaching out to the youngest customers is also part of the store’s remit. “Our children’s selection is as entertaining as it is educational, including books, games, puzzles and more, all designed to help them learn about the arts and spark their imaginations,” Wolf said.

Wolf joined Art Museum Store in 2018 with an extensive retail background, including experience working in a range of shopping centers. Having lived in many places—from Baltimore to Boston, from Tampa, Florida to Sydney, Australia—she has an extraordinary experience and understanding of retail and marketing.

“What’s unique here is the relationship to art in many ways,” she noted. “We share ideas with museums across the country, and we develop relationships with the artists whose work we exhibit.”

The work of more than 100 regional artists is on display, including original works by Dan and Jill Burstein of Hopewell Stained Glass, Bryan Weitz’s ceramic plates of vibrant colors and unique curved configurations, and Mary’s beautiful reverse stained glass (eglomise) Mayhew.

The very popular jewelry line includes earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces in styles ranging from delicate to ostentatious. Clients will find striking gold bangles with plain sliding beads, gold rings with small sliding pearls, and gold bangles with delicate “crochet” designs.

Brooklyn, New York-based Ashka Dymel is known for her geometric and architectural contemporary metal-mixed gemstone pieces, while New York-based Mia Hebeb offers beautifully carved and gold-plated earrings and necklaces that are beautifully crafted.

outstanding quality

Wolfe knew many artists, and throughout the year participated in a series of exhibitions to see new work.

“I’m really excited about the quality and design of the work we’re seeing from the artists,” she said. “We go to the Flemington Craft Show, Philadelphia and New York. We go to the East Coast maybe 10 times a year. It’s a great opportunity to see such great quality and newest work firsthand.

The store’s fun and eclectic selection is presented in an engaging manner. Although the store is small, the environment is warm and there are not many people. Glass and woodwork as well as textiles are prominently displayed. Silk and cashmere scarves, wool hats, mitts, handbags and handbags are all available.

The shape, size and style of wooden bowls are different, which is a characteristic. Glassware also has a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, with exquisite design and shape.

Project watches with unique architectural and design themes are also available, along with coasters, candles and calendars, many of which have artistic themes.

The diverse collection also includes desk accessories, notebooks with art-related covers and stationery. Coloring books for kids and adults have an art theme, and books for adults and kids are always a hit. A Children’s History of Art introduces young readers to art and artists, and has a number of art-related books as well as Princeton Museum of Art publications and catalogs.


Customers have been loving the store’s current location, Wolf said, and they’re particularly happy to be back in 2020 after the store was closed for several months due to COVID-19.

“We’re very encouraged,” she reported. “We have customers not only from Princeton and the area, but also from Philadelphia and New York. People often find us online and come see us in person. We also continue to offer online shopping opportunities.

“It’s been really good, we keep getting new people and our old customers. They seem to really like everything we choose.

“They’ll also love our location during the holidays because all the lights and decorations look beautiful. We’re right across the tree from the Nassau Inn.”

Additionally, she noted, “I want people to know that during the redevelopment of the museum, we have two rooms on rotation. One at Bainbridge House at 158 ​​Nassau Street and one at Art on Hulfish at 11 Hulflsh Street.”

The store has a wide range of prices, with items ranging from $12 to $15. Jewelry starts at $40, and Wolf notes that most customers spend an average of $29. There is also a membership program that offers year-round discounts. Plus, shipping and free gift wrapping are available.

Non-profit organizations

The store is a not-for-profit business and all sales support the operation of the museum and store. As its mission statement states: “Proceeds support the Museum’s core purpose of bringing art into everyday life by fostering close and sustained observation, rich interpretive experiences, and educational programs.”

Wolf also noted that museums are increasingly focusing on diversity—in all fields. “I am on the DEIA Advisory Panel – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility. Our mission and the mission of the University is to expand diversity and inclusion in a variety of ways, including in the arts.”

It has been a joy for Wolfe to be a part of such a unique store, and she enjoys being surrounded by experienced staff.

“I love our employees. Our entire museum store employees are amazing,” she said. “They were all very knowledgeable and very helpful to clients. It was all about our teamwork. We worked together. children – an introduction to the wonderful world of art.”

Hours of operation are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm; Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 10:00 am to 8:30 pm For more information, call (609) 258-5600 Or visit

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