The Future of Work: CLDY Helps Businesses Usher in a Digital-First Workplace

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The future of work is here. Singapore-based fast-growing network solutions provider CLDY hopes to lead the way by leading a purpose-driven brand.

The core of CLDY is a cloud hosting business controlled by three pillars. We are employee-oriented, customer-centric, and number one in the world”

— Alvin Poe

SINGAPORE, Nov. 28, 2022 / — The future of work is here. Singapore-based fast-growing network solutions provider CLDY hopes to lead the way by leading a purpose-driven brand.

The COVID-19 crisis, along with socioeconomic issues, has fundamentally changed the way businesses do business. All over the world, the number of e-commerce stores has started to increase, online marketplaces are booming, and most importantly, organizations have had to embrace remote and flexible workforces.

The pandemic and labor market shifts have been going on for about three years. It’s a pervasive change that pushes companies to jump on the bandwagon or risk losing top talent.

As businesses like CLDY are discovering, embracing the future of work has more benefits than you might think.

Examining “The Great Resignation”

After COVID-19 ravaged the economy, a trend known as the “Great Quit” has upended the way workers think about work. People are dissatisfied with their working environment, especially office workers. Long commutes to work, the high cost of living in the city, and a lack of career advancement are prompting them to quit their jobs and seek a better work-life balance.

Global asset manager Mercer found that 69% of respondents from 150 Singapore-based firms reported an increase in turnover in the first half of 2021.

Although alternative recruitment in Singapore looks promising (51%), businesses still need to consider several factors to retain top talent.

Financial incentives are just the tip of the iceberg, and neither are implementing hybrid workplace models and letting employees do their own thing. Employers need to create a strong and supportive work culture. They must equip business leaders with the right tools and levers to manage a distributed workforce.

Instead, they need to develop an organizational strategy that goes beyond its products and services and empowers employees with a sense of purpose.

CLDY welcomes the future of work

There is no doubt that workers deserve the best. After all, they are the driving force behind every organization. CLDY retains and attracts its talented team by building a purpose-driven brand.

“The core of CLDY is the cloud hosting business held by its three pillars. We are employee-led, customer-centric and number one in the world,” said Alvin Poh, Chairman of CLDY. “These pillars work in a domino effect, with each positively impacting the other. Operating on these pillars has helped us usher in a new generation of work, not just for ourselves, but for those we serve enterprise.”

Happy employees are more motivated to help the organization achieve its goals, so CLDY ensures transparency and open communication between leaders and employees. CLDY’s leadership team openly shares the company’s goals, performance, and other metrics.

As an equal exchange, employees share their challenges, feedback and ideas.

Fostering a culture of communication and trust enables CLDY to advance its primary business objective: driving cloud adoption among businesses and brands around the world.

CLDY’s team has effectively achieved this by taking a customer-centric approach. Driven by a sense of purpose, each team member does more than provide good customer service. They deliver solutions that meet their customers’ needs, helping them at every stage of their journey to the cloud.

CLDY also leads by example. The business operates globally, freed from the confines of physical offices, to become the number one global brand. With the help of the same cloud hosting platform it promotes to clients, CLDY sees double results.

First, they can tap into a global talent pool and operate 24/7. By doing so, CLDY now serves clients from all over the globe.

About CLDY

CLDY is the fastest growing cloud hosting company in Singapore, focusing on providing innovative and advanced web hosting, email hosting and cloud hosting products to its global customers. CLDY is the official web host for Singapore’s National Day Parade 2022, serving more than 8,000 businesses worldwide by 2022.

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