The first ever Metaverse-based marketing platform, make money now, is finally here

To Earn NOW is a decentralized Web 3.0 platform that allows global local businesses to receive huge investments from millennials eager to invest in such platforms.

The world is moving at an unparalleled speed. The Internet, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs are three noble innovations that, along with the growing business sector, are revolutionizing the world. Those who embrace these innovations are both an opportunity and a challenge. These people aka millennials have the potential to invest in big projects but, on the other hand, are hard to attract. Traditional marketing methods have been unsuccessful in persuading these millennials to invest in mega-projects. The only way left is to speak their language. Marketing managers should leverage the digital world to attract millennial customers.

Earn now

To Earn Now is a platform that applies the latest blockchain technology including Metaverse (Web 3.0), serving as a beacon for all local businesses worldwide looking for the best ROI. Traditional marketing methods that include creating a website and optimizing it with search engines are not only outdated, but also costly. More importantly, these methods have negligible success rates.

The current world population is dominated by millennial investors. These people are mainly looking for something engaging and something they can engage with. That’s where the NOW platform comes in. Since the platform is designed for today’s world, it will not only focus on marketing, but also reward users and encourage them to actively participate.

Mission and Vision

It is only a matter of time before traditional marketing methods become obsolete. NOW aspires to create a platform that removes the use of traditional marketing methods and leverages blockchain, artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies to take the business world to new heights.

The company envisions itself as the foremost blockchain marketing platform accessible to everyone. The NOW platform hopes to bring to life countless commercial projects, regardless of their type, size and where in the world they are located.


It can be said that the advantages of using the NOW platform are numerous. First, since the platform is decentralized and there is no third-party participation, the cost is greatly reduced. This makes the platform affordable for everyone. Marketers can take advantage of the What’s Right for Me (WIFM) feature to target specific audiences of their choosing. This feature will definitely yield more fruitful results.

The effectiveness of cryptocurrency depends on its accessibility to everyone, regardless of income level, as Bitcoin’s original idea suggested. The NOW team set out to make that happen. The company regards transparency and trust as its first principles. Therefore, it promotes it in all transactions. This helps build a better understanding between consumers and businesses. Also, transactions are cheap, fast and secure. The absence of a middleman reduces the chances of fraud and deception. Other benefits include data protection, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing and anonymity.

Token Economics and Ecosystem

The NOW platform is endowed with countless amenities by its creators. Start with the multipurpose NOW token for the company’s blockchain and ecosystem. The platform also offers NFTs that can help improve one’s NOW token inventory through the day-to-day activities performed on it. In recent years, many well-known companies have joined the Real Estate NFT field, including Coca-Cola, Nike, Gucci, NBA, etc. We believe that owning real estate NFTs is the next big thing as more and more companies choose to do business with Web3 technology. Therefore, NOW NFTs can be minted by users to earn additional passive income such as NFT Personal Cards, NFT Virtu Machines and NFT Real Estate.

The NOW exchange platform (aka Swap NOW) also allows the conversion of NOW tokens with other cryptocurrencies.

Sources of passive income are always talked about. The project offers staking opportunities for its tokens at the best prices. There are also treasure hunts that users can participate in from time to time and win many awesome rewards. These rewards can be in the form of cash, NOW tokens, NFTs, cars, Bitcoin, etc. The project also has an NFT marketplace where participants can buy, sell and trade their digital assets.

As part of the effort, the NOW team will continue to focus and explore all possible opportunities to grow the community to get the NOW token listed on most major exchanges.

NOW Token Distribution

The NOW platform has a good plan for the distribution of its tokens. The company has allocated 25% of the total supply to the ecosystem, 21% to marketing, 20% to founders and teams, 15% to the community, 10% to the NOW Foundation, 5% to advisors, 4% for NOW Labs.

in conclusion

The adoption of cryptocurrencies and NFTs in all sectors has become indispensable as the economy transitions to a digital economy. Experts believe that cryptocurrencies will eventually gain wide acceptance and become as common as fiat currencies in the near future. It’s time to reinvent your business and stay ahead of the curve for future decision makers. The future is now!

For more details on the project, please visit the official website and social media platforms.

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The information provided in this press release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. You are advised to perform due diligence (including consulting a professional financial advisor) before investing in or trading securities and cryptocurrencies.

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