The Best Student Earning Apps (2022) to Earn Extra Income!

Stop relying on your pocket money. We bring you the 10 best apps for students to make money online in the US. Monthly expenses are a big deal as a student, and your pocket money may run out at some point.

As a student, it is impossible to combine work and study, and due to lack of experience and skills, it is difficult to find a job that pays well and does not require much time. Why not look for ways to make money online?

When we look for easy ways to make money online, we come across hundreds of scam sites, making it difficult to decide which one to use.

This blog shows you ten apps where students can make money online while completing their studies. Who doesn’t want some free cash in their pockets? So, let’s get started.

What is the Student Earning App? : Type explanation

Investment application: These include apps that allow students to earn passive income by investing a certain amount of money.

Task-Based Applications: The next category of apps includes task-based apps that pay student users money or rewards for completing some simple online or offline tasks.

Game application: Gaming apps include all apps that allow you to earn money by playing different games. So, if you like to play games, then you can download any trusted gaming app to earn rewards.

Market Research Apps: Market research apps include those that help you earn extra money online by taking surveys. It includes giving your opinion on certain topics and generating cash from it in return.

So, these are some of the most popular app categories known to help you generate revenue. Now, depending on the activity you wish to perform, you can choose to install any of these app types to achieve your goals.

List of 10 Best Money Making Apps for Students (2022).

We’ve analyzed the most trusted and popular student apps in the US and put together the list below for you.

1) Freecash – Earn dollars by completing tasks

Freecash earn dollars by completing tasks

Freecash USA is an online platform that allows students to make money by completing simple tasks on their phones, paying anywhere from $1 to $5 every five to ten minutes.

When you need money, you can submit a request and it will be deposited into your PayPal account in less than two minutes. Don’t worry; cash out as low as $0.50 and customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Freecash has an easy-to-use user-friendly interface, and every task you receive is verified. These tasks can be as simple as playing a ten-minute game, installing an app, signing up for a website, or leaving a positive review for a product.

Visit website: Freecash

2) Toluna – share ideas and make money

Toluna share ideas and make moneyToluna share ideas and make money

What if you get paid to share your opinion? Toluna can help you do just that. You can choose from any of the surveys available on their website. Answer a few questions to earn points that can be converted into ready-made cash or gift cards.

These surveys are easy to complete and cover topics relevant to your everyday life, such as shopping, movies, lifestyle choices and travel.

As you complete more surveys, your rewards will increase, and Toluna will reward you with more and more relevant surveys. It’s easy to transfer funds to your PayPal account.

Visit website: Toluna

3) Swagbucks – Task-based payment app for earning part-time income for students

Swagbucks task-based payment app for earning part-time income for studentsSwagbucks task-based payment app for earning part-time income for students

With Swagbucks, students can perform simple tasks such as filling out surveys, playing games online, watching videos or browsing the web to earn money with Swagbucks.

Plus, Swagbucks gives you cash back and gift cards when you shop at reputable retailers like Amazon or Walmart. You can easily earn $1 to $5 per day without any investment or extra effort.

Swagbucks pays you to do simple tasks like downloading chrome extensions, taking online surveys and going grocery shopping. To start earning from Swagbucks, just download their mobile app, sign up, and you’re ready to go.

Visit website: Swagbucks

4) BeMyEye – Make money in your spare time at college

BeMyEye Earns Income in Spare Time at UniversityBeMyEye Earns Income in Spare Time at University

If you have some free time to study, this fantastic app allows you to make easy money. BeMyEye works with large companies to provide insights into how their merchandise moves across different retail locations across the country, and pays those who can collect this data.

You need to select a nearby mission and keep the mission. The BeMyEye app handles everything else. You need to follow the instructions on their app, answer a few questions, take a photo of the shelf, answer a few questions, and submit your report.

You will be paid as soon as your submission is approved. The app also features tasks like mystery shopping, shelf scanning, store inspections, and more.

Visit website: BeMyEye

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5) Roamler – Perform tasks and get paid in your free time while studying

Rovers perform tasks and get paid in their free time of studyRovers perform tasks and get paid in their free time of study

Roamler – An app that lets students earn some free cash from retail and tech services in their spare time. Log into their app and you’ll see a list of tasks in your area. There are no time limits; you can complete tasks at any time of the day without affecting your schedule.

As you continue to complete various tasks, you will earn XP, allowing you to earn more money.

If you have the necessary skill set, you can choose a task and you can access your account through their mobile app. Cash out anytime, anywhere.

Visit Website: Rovers

6) Canvera – Helps showcase students’ creativity

Canvera helps showcase student creativityCanvera helps showcase student creativity

While some of us are great at photography, others will excel. Canvera is a leading technology platform that helps student photographers excel in their careers by providing them with a rich medium and complete solutions to turn their passion into a business.

Students can find a job as a photographer with Canvera and start making money right away. Students can upload their best photos, showcase their work, and get hired by clients. If students work hard enough, they can make decent money.

Visit website: Canvera

7) Google Opinion Rewards – Share Your Voice

Google Opinion Rewards for Sharing Your VoiceGoogle Opinion Rewards for Sharing Your Voice

The word Google removes any doubts or concerns about authenticity. This is not another scam site where you fill out a survey and never receive a dollar. Google Opinion Rewards, a well-known and popular survey platform with over 10 million downloads, is a great app for students to make money using their phones.

Download the app, log in and answer some basic questions so the app can bring you relevant surveys based on your background. The app is not limited to surveys; you can provide feedback on the videos the app will present to you.

You can complete short surveys, and a few cents will be credited to your account for each completed item, which you can withdraw at any time.

Visit Website: Google Opinion Rewards

8) Notesgen – Sell your study notes with Notesgen

Notesgen Use Notesgen to sell your study notesNotesgen Use Notesgen to sell your study notes

Notesgen is a complete educational environment that provides students with the smartest learning materials, top teachers and interactive forums. On this peer-to-peer learning platform, in addition to accessing and learning from content posted by others, you can also buy and sell your content.

Students can earn digital currency by selling their notes through this app. Yes, you can now sell your own notes for extra cash.

Just scan your notes, upload them to their website in document format, provide a title and description for your material, and choose a selling price. On their website, you can track all your content and earnings effortlessly.

Visit website: Notesgen

9) Shopkick – Student Shopping Friend Plus Bonus

Shopkick students' shopping friends and earn rewardsShopkick students' shopping friends and earn rewards

What if you could do what you already do to make money? You may have finished this week, shopping. Shopkick is a great site that offers students gift cards that they can use anytime in exchange for online or in-store purchases. Shopkick is completely open and transparent. The app will even notify you of the rewards you’ll get before completing your purchase, and you’ll happily walk away with some free vouchers without having to do anything.

These rewards can be redeemed at hundreds of stores in the US and delivered digitally through the Shopkick mobile app.

Visit website: Shopkick

Ibotta's popular app for applying for student discounts and offers onlineIbotta's popular app for applying for student discounts and offers online

What if you could make shopping fun? Ibotta is not just another way to make money, it’s also a way to save. How often do you shop online? Imagine if you could compare prices across different e-commerce platforms and save money by getting the best deals when shopping online. When you shop with Ibotta, you can earn huge cash back at thousands of retailers across the US.

Students earn exclusive cash back on purchases at hundreds of local retailers through the Ibotta app. Sign up on their official website and get amazing deals. You can easily withdraw cash back funds very easily.

Visit website: Ibota

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At some point in our student life we ​​all run out of pocket money and feel the need to earn some of our own, but in our teens it seems almost impossible. As a student, you can use these ten best apps to make money online while studying without spending a lot of time. You don’t need to invest in anything and you don’t need any expertise or skills to make money. After reading it through, you can start making money right now with your phone and a good internet connection. Good luck. (c). Originally researched and published by – our articles may not be rewritten or reproduced without permission.

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