The best money making potions in pharmacy

In deck building that intersects with Potionomics store management, there are a lot of things to consider if you want to determine the profit of a potion. Just like an accountant, you have to keep in mind base selling prices, ingredient costs, market events and brewing time costs.

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For a successful store, consider whether the wildfires raised the price of enchanted forest ingredients, or whether local adventurers decided to visit the icy ocean shores and plan accordingly. Changing your brewing strategy according to the local market will help ensure you pay off the millions in gold debt left to you by Uncle Oswald.

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7/7 Small fire tonic

If you’re just starting the game, you’ll find that mana potions cost more than gun potions, but mana potions also take three time periods to brew, meaning you can’t brew them for the next sale period. When this happens, you need to fix your inventory quickly, and you need to brew minor Fire Tonics.

You might be tempted by its two-time sibling, the Health Potion, but it sells for less, which also reflects the cost of ingredients; Fire Tonic has a higher margin of the two, so unless you’re buying for Mint Brew potions for adventure, otherwise stock up on Minor Fire Tonics to sell.

6/7 Primary Mana Potion

Little Mana is an early hero if you can work around the awkward brew time. Brewing for more than three time periods means that the potion won’t be ready to sell until you pass two sale periods unless you spend time visiting friends, brewing overnight, or using fuel to speed up the process. If you set up a mana potion brew every morning and then go out and buy ingredients, you’ll spend time getting your expensive mana potions ready to sell after your first customers.

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Of course, once Mint gets fuel from her adventures, you can craft them by boat; be sure to factor that into the sale price.

5/7 Greater Fire Tonic and Greater Mana Potion

Once you’ve defeated Roxanne and reached the core of the game, you’ll need to keep a stockpile of tonics and potions for the event. During the Djinn and Tonic event, your tonic will receive a temporary boost, so you should focus on selling and brewing fire tonics – the easiest and cheapest brewing tonic.

Likewise, you should sell mana potions during the potion price event. If you have Vendi unlocked, feel free to put in cheaper event beers, as they will also benefit from the event, it’s just that they will miss out on any bargain bonuses.

4/7 Powerful Ice Tonic

If you find some of the rarer D magimin (magic vitamin) ingredients, you can say goodbye to selling gunpowder and upgrade to the double expensive ice pill. If you haven’t already, try sending mint to ocean shores to buy saltwater melons. While you’re unclogging those deeps, make sure you’ve purchased a second rack and received a 5% bonus on supplement sales. After that, you can expect to make four to five hundred gold per sale.

In any case, you’ll need a 4-star Big Ice Supplement for your second brew competition. The sooner you start making them the better.

3/7 Great Mana Potion

After your second victory at the bargain podium, you’ll start brewing advanced potions and tonics. At this point, brewing great health potions, fire tonics, and mana potions will all be equally easy to brew. Of course, Greater Mana Potion sells the most.

While you should be at a point where your store has good cash flow, when you’re not fulfilling orders or socializing, brewing great mana on your cauldron will keep you green. After this, you can safely focus on improving your store’s amenities and acquiring ingredients for competing potions.

2/7 perfect potion

In order for a potion to go from good to great, you need its ingredient magic to be perfectly balanced. In the early days, it was so simple that most, if not all, of your beers would be perfect, but once you stock up on weird ingredients and you find yourself using weird and unbalanced amounts of magimin, the challenge becomes here we go. Thankfully, if you send Mint and Xid out on an adventure, you’ll find that there are standard ingredients.

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Although you may quickly find that Feyberries aren’t enough to add A magimins, you can find arctic squid or wood antlers instead at 8 and 40 magimins, respectively. These standard ingredients have B, C, D, and E magic counterparts for you to find and use in your perfect potion.

1/7 Masterpiece Curse Healing

Once you reach the finals, you will be able to make a master beer. Selling for over 2000 gold each, they’re sure to ease your fiduciary woes. Of these top-tier concoctions, Health sells for the lowest reserve price, while Curse Heal sells for the highest (barring any special events).

If you want to keep crafting a five-star masterpiece Curse Healing, you’ll need three Dragonegg Citruses, two Owlbear Pheromones, two Nuclear Shadows, and two Mana Singularities. For these, you’ll need to scour the Dragon Oasis, Chests, and Magic Wastes. You also need a strong endgame cauldron, at least the Crater cauldron +2. After that, you’re set.

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