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TemTem: 4 Best Ways to Make Money

TemTem is an MMORPG inspired by the Pokémon series developed by Humble Bundle. You’ll find over 160 creatures in the game, and you’ll need to catch the best TemTems. You need money to survive in the game, and there are multiple ways to earn it. This guide will cover the best ways to make money with TemTem.

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You must be wondering why TemTem was a huge success when it first launched; it’s an interesting storyline, including six different islands as different regions. When reading about ways to make money, you should also consider reading about the best ways to level up in TemTem.

What funding does TemTem provide?

Money in TemTem

The game currency in TemTem is Pansuns. These Pansuns look like an orange star and can be seen on your inventory screen. The exact location of these Pansuns is in the lower right corner.

Where to use TemTem

Players ask Pansuns to keep their squad in the best fighting position. In order to buy these items, whether it’s Balms, Revives or TemCards, you need to have enough Pansuns to be able to afford it. You can also use these Pansuns to buy breeding items to hatch TemTem eggs.

The money can also be used to buy clothing and accessories. Additionally, various medicines can help players thrive in combat as they can manipulate player stats. Drugs are available in the game most of the time, but if you need to buy more, you’ll spend your Pansuns.

The fastest way to make money in TemTem

You’ll be able to earn money by defeating tamers and dojo leaders, but when you run out of NPCs you can kill, the game hits key points. However, the need to own Pansuns won’t diminish because you have to buy TemCards.

If you’re still confused about the ways you can make money in TemTem, we’ve got this guide for you. There’s more than one way to get Pansuns, but some are faster than others. We’ve discussed the best 3 ways to earn Pansuns in TemTem.

Release the captured TemTem

Best way to get temtemBest way to get temtem
Release the captured TemTem

There are many ways you can make money in TemTem, but it’s important to choose the way to make money faster. The best option to make money in the game is to partner with FreeTem Organization.

Partner with FreeTem Organization

You can find the FreeTem organization in the high-level Omninesa in the north-central part of the island. Talk to the clerk there and you can choose to release TemTems instead of capturing them.

You may find this counterproductive, but the method will always work in your favor. This is the most efficient and easiest way to get Pansuns faster in the game. The higher the TemTem level posted, the more money you make.

The amount you earn will also depend on the rarity of the critter you’ve recently caught. It’s normal to find this method a bit tedious, but it will get you the most Pansuns in the game.

You can repeat the process of releasing TemTems again and again until you have enough Pansun on hand. Not only that, but you’ll be rewarded weekly for posting these TemTems.

Rewards for releasing TemTems every week

You will receive weekly rewards based on the specific number of TemTems you will release. The table below mentions the list of prizes that will be awarded for posting TemTems.

Number of TemTems released Rewards received
180 Flat Top Hairdressing
200 5x Silicon Shards
200 Viable DNA strands
215 Engineered DNA Strands
250 strong DNA strands
250 immune DNA strand

Publish Pansuns earned by TemTem

Publish different TemTems help; depending on the level of TemTems, you can get different amounts of Pansuns. The table below lists some TemTems, their tiers, and the Pansuns gained by releasing them.

Project Team grade Pansuns get
Hidodi 16 46
horn 16 46
Chlorella 16 47
Lori 17 57
Babawa 20 87

With the exception of Babawa, you will be able to capture all the temtems listed above in addition to FreeTem. Your preference should be to grab Loali as it’s relatively good value. Another thing to keep in mind here is that you won’t get more Pascuns for posting many temtems together. Instead, you will get a bonus.

Defeat NPC TemTem Tamer

currency in currencycurrency in currency
Defeat NPC TemTem Tamer

Beating NPC TemTem Tamers is another way to make money in the game. You can simply fight these tamers and earn money after winning the game. While fighting these NPCs is optional, fighting each trainer is highly recommended.

You can always retreat from any battle and go back to the ones you missed. The only downside to making money using this method is that you will run out of trainers and then you will have no other option to make money using this method.

Trainers you have already defeated will not be able to fight again. This means that you only have a limited number of trainers to fight with. A little trick here is to retrace your steps to find the TemTems you missed. Meeting a tamer will help you earn over 100 to 200 pansun.

sell items

The last way to make money in the game is to sell items. There are many rare in-game items in TemTem. Selling these items will help you make money.

However, you need to keep in mind that these items can only be obtained while fighting the Tamer. Other items you can sell in-game are items you pick from the island of TemTem. Selling these island items is also a great way to make money.

You should make sure to only sell items you don’t need, not items you need to get into the game later. In the end, you’ll only get a fraction of the item’s cost, but most items are very useful when sold.

Play in PvP mode

Finally, there is another way to obtain Pan Sheng in the game, it is very simple. You can play the PvP mode of the game and earn money. The challenge here is that this mode is hard to play. However, you can win battles by having a strong team of players.

Just try to form a winning team with the strongest monsters and it will help you keep playing the game after finishing the story. To build a strong team, you also need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of TemTems.


You need to know how to make money in TemTem because you need it to buy items, increase character stats, and various other in-game activities. You can earn money in a variety of ways, including releasing captured TemTems, selling items, playing PvP modes, and defeating NPCs. We’ve detailed all the steps in this guide to help you make money faster.

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