Tech company Spotlight Studios announces rebrand as part of 10th anniversary

Spotlight Studios has been at the forefront of website innovation for the past 10 years

Manchester, United Kingdom, Sept. 8, 2022 / — Spotlight Studios, a multi-dimensional internet and website platform service, today announced a name change. The rebranding comes as the internet solutions company just completed its first decade in the field. Efforts to change a company’s image are more than simple aesthetic tweaks; it’s also aimed at articulating the company’s message and values.

“For us, the team behind Spotlight Studios, this is more than a basic addition to our brand,” said co-founder Ashley Hammond. “We plan to use the momentum of these changes to strengthen the company’s mission and values, not just digitally transform our internet space. We are working hard to create and align the right atmosphere for our company ethos.”

Spotlight Studios specializes in web hosting, web design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), DNS (Domain Name System) management, 2D/3D animation and many more online solutions. These types of services are the main mesh of the internet, and customers rely on them to function properly and smoothly.

For example, a new area where the company is now offering solutions is crypto and blockchain services (often referred to as Web3). One of these services is a blockchain domain, where Spotlight Studios will acquire and manage Web3 domains for its clients. A classic domain address more easily recognizable to the layman might be .org or .com. The need for crypto domains may stem from a desire to better protect a company’s identity, image and identification or to receive cryptocurrency payments. The domain name can be .wallet, .bitcoin, .NFT or .ETH (for Ethereum) depending on the client’s needs. Spotlight Studios is helping its clients enter this new realm by integrating cryptocurrency payment solutions into e-commerce sites and helping secure blockchain domains.

Hammond and co-founder Peter Chapman are graduates of the University of Bradford, UK and founded Spotlight Studios in 2011 to help clients with website development.

They initially directed companies to create websites, but eventually grew into a creative digital agency, helping not only create websites but also help market and manage them. Founded nearly 11 years ago, Spotlight Studios has been at the forefront of WordPress development, as it was during this period that WordPress grew from its humble beginnings as a blogging platform to what is now considered the most popular CMS (content management system) in the world superior. WordPress development and support currently accounts for over 50% of the work Spotlight Studios does each year. It has helped more than 350 clients increase their online vitality and presence. Spotlight Studios currently manages more than 200 accounts, providing it with a range of internet services. The company is headquartered in the UK but has many international clients around the world.

Over the years, Spotlight Studios has established professional partnerships with a variety of businesses, including those providing education, IT and traditional marketing services. It offers these companies incentives and/or white label service options, allowing partners to expand their service offerings. A white label is any product or service offered by one company that other companies rebrand and market to their own customers.

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