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Fortune Today, 29 October 2022

The weekend is finally here! Are you planning to reunite with your family for the weekend, or are you planning a small reunion with college friends? Are you planning a relaxing day at home after having a special event to attend to the Diwali celebrations? Whatever your plans, it’s important to find out what the universe has in store for you.

Astrological predictions can give you insight into your future, so read your horoscope here:

today’s fortune29 October 2022:


You will benefit today, Ganesha said. With minimal help and collaboration, you can achieve amazing things in your business. You’re going to meet some new friends at work today. Bringing in new employees today is a good idea. You’ll want to hear something, and this could be the day. You’ll be especially nice to your partner today because you know they’re not doing well. You’ll get your partner’s undivided attention and show them your deepest love. Although you are in great shape today, you will soon have a headache. Stay comfortable and fully relax during your stay.

Lucky Number: 12

Lucky Color: Green


You’ll make solid money decisions today, Ganesha says. Your homework will be completed on time today. You will test your negotiation skills. You will negotiate your business interests today. The deal you’ve been working on for a while can finally be done. Today you should appreciate romance, it’s the perfect day. You have been with your partner for a long time and you are happy with her. You will feel more at ease when your partner is there. Now, you are in very good shape. Your physical condition seems to have improved compared to before, and your exercise program seems to be going well.

Lucky Number: 09

Lucky color: blue


In terms of work, it will be easy today because you will be more obsessed with the holidays, Ganesha said. One of your employees may not be ready to support your choice, which will be a hindrance. Cooperation will not be recognized today. There will be differences between people at work. You have to be very careful when it comes to your employees and organization. The term for this day is desire. Your apparent love and respect for each other is evident. If you are unmarried, you may meet an attractive person today. Given that you have been experiencing breathing problems, you cannot function today. If you want to get fitter, you need to talk to your doctor and start exercising.

Lucky Number: 07

Lucky Color: Cream


You seem to control your company and run it well, Ganesha said. You have to develop, and development takes time. If you want great results, you need to be diligent. You must demonstrate your ability to be trusted by your team. You have to work hard so that your hard work will pay off handsomely. In your partnership, everything starts to go wrong. You should give your partner some breathing space and time. Lonely people can have the opportunity to meet new people today. You may be worried about your health right now. You must follow your exercise regimen and eat at scheduled times. You may need to make an appointment with your doctor today.

Lucky Number: 18

Lucky color: blue


You will have a great day, Ganesha said. You are in a great place to make an impact. If you put all your efforts into achieving your goals, you will succeed. Do what is necessary to resolve issues that arise in the workplace. You need to make sure your attitude doesn’t get in the way of doing an amazing job today. You two are enjoying your connection. Your life and living arrangements are in your control. Fortunately, you connect with the perfect person at the ideal moment. Today, you may have heartburn. It is important to eat prepared foods and avoid dairy products.

Lucky Number: 09

Lucky Color: Green


Now is the perfect time to focus on scaling the organization, Ganesha said. If you have to make tough choices, you should weigh your options. To ensure that your colleagues’ tasks are done correctly, you must be lenient with them. The day will end easily with your mind. There may be something wrong with your romantic life, and it’s cruel to you personally. If you want to live in happiness, you must be educated in negotiation. Your high sugar levels can create a small problem; therefore, you need to focus on your health right now. It’s time for you to relax and treat yourself with so much stress lately.

Lucky Number: 15

Lucky Color: Yellow


You’re going to be busy today, Ganesha said. You can feel stressed because you have a lot on your schedule but not enough time. You have to relax and focus on completing the task at hand, while also taking care of your health. With someone you just met, you develop a love relationship that makes their experience very unique. Overall, you will have a great time. You need to take care of your ankle today because you could damage it. Although you may feel very uncomfortable, therapy will help you think more calmly.

Lucky Number: 05

Lucky color: blue


Ganesha says your strategy will be used effectively in the business and will be very helpful in your ongoing efforts. Some of the consequences will worry you, but you’ll figure it out. Your skills and efforts in business today will be recognized. You may be blind to the difficulties of your colleagues. Be in constant communication with your partner and by their side. You should check it out today, because you haven’t been working well. You may feel sick and have a fever.

Lucky Number: 14

Lucky Color: Maroon


Ganesha says you’ll do everything you set out to do. Your work today will be fairly punctual, and you may even get compliments. Some problems will stumbling you, but you will solve them and make you and your team better. You have a very lovely friend. You can feel a close connection with them. You may be concerned that your connection may be at risk. Let’s discuss. Participate in only certain activities to maintain good health. Eating fruit can help prevent disease.

Lucky Number: 04

Lucky Color: Orange


You will be inviting new commercial enterprises to join your organization today, Ganesha said. You will be able to focus on work today. You’ll be more receptive to growth if given the chance. Today, you can have problems with your spouse that can be detrimental to your organization. Sometimes you may prioritize companionship over passion. You may be struggling with bad feelings about someone right now, and they may be showing it today. Today, your bond with your partner grows deeper and deeper. Today, you will be eager to discover new ways to keep your body healthy. You will work hard to keep you happy and content.

Lucky Number: 06

Lucky Color: Red


You deal with your schedule and finances very regularly, Ganesha said. People believe in you and what you do. Now is definitely not the best time to take risks. Today you must complete your task quietly. Today is your time to work more than usual. The prolonged silence between you and your partner has a big impact on you. You have to face each other and decide for yourself. Either fix your problems or move on with your life. Today you will be motivated to exercise and get up early. You will feel energized after your workout today.

Lucky Number: 17

Lucky Color: Violet


An important business decision could be made today and a huge success, Ganesha said. Be sure to weigh all options before choosing today. Although not everyone agrees with your choice, your company will benefit from it. You have to stay open to prevent any problems from competitors. With the constant encouragement of your peers, you will be happy for yourself today because you have achieved something impressive. Today, you and your special someone will have an unforgettable day. Today you will be motivated to lose weight. You should drink plenty of water today and stay away from greasy food.

Lucky Number: 04

Lucky color: pink

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