Sharplink Gaming Launches 15 US State-Specific Affiliate Marketing Sites, Delivering Players Directly to Sportsbook and Casino Partners

Minneapolis, Minnesota / ACCESSWIRE / November 1, 2022 / SharpLink Games Ltd. (NASDAQ: SBET) (“SharpLink” or the “Company”), a pioneer in targeted, data-driven user engagement and conversion solutions for the U.S. sports betting and iGaming industries, today announced the launch of 15 state-specific affiliate marketing site. These state-specific domains are designed to attract, acquire and drive local sports betting and casino traffic directly to the company’s sports betting and casino partners, who are licensed to operate in various states.

Specifically, the following proprietary affiliate marketing network properties are now live:

All 15 sites offer key highlights, sports betting deals and special promo codes for partner sportsbooks operating in each state. Additionally, 4 of the 15 state sites where iGaming has been legalized – Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia – offer similar content directly related to SharpLink’s online casino partners. SharpLink has plans for all other upcoming states in the US, including Maryland, which will legalize sports betting in November 2022, and Massachusetts and Ohio, which are expected to open their sports betting markets in January 2023.

Rob Phythian, CEO of SharpLink, said: “We sought and completed the acquisition of FourCubed in late 2021, with the ultimate goal of replicating and expanding its proven playbook for success in affiliate marketing in the European poker market. Tori Roberts, FourCubed – Now VP of Affiliate Marketing at SharpLink – Leads SharpLink’s Direct-to-Player (“D2P”) strategy, which has been carefully designed to enable meaningful sports bettor and iGaming engagement and for our valued Partners provide new user traffic and acquisitions. The launch of our new D2P network property represents the first phase of SharpLink’s audience gathering program in the U.S. Going forward, we fully expect the build of our eventual D2P platform to be the future of our company The underlying revenue channel for exponential growth opportunities.

About SharpLink Gaming Ltd.

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, SharpLink is a leading online technology company connecting sports fans, leagues and sports sites with relevant and timely sports betting and iGaming content. SharpLink uses proprietary smart online conversion technology to convert sports fans into sports bettors from licensed online sportsbook operators. SharpLink’s intelligent C4 sportsbook conversion technology delivers and determines the best sportsbook betting offer and experience for each identified user. Using sophisticated behavioral modeling and tracking technology, and by analyzing users’ past and present behavior, we provide sports fans with personalized betting offers, specific to each fan’s favorite sport, team and player. In addition, SharpLink specializes in helping sports media companies develop strategies, products and innovative solutions to drive deep customer engagement through highly interactive sports games and mobile applications. SharpLink is run by industry veterans with multiple successful exits in sports gaming and iGaming. For more information, visit the SharpLink website:

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