SEO Expert Jack Lombardi Publishes WPX Hosting Review in 2022

Chicago Website Design SEO Company, a digital marketplace agency based in Chicago, Illinois, announced that company founder and CEO Jack Lombardi has published the 2022 WPX Hosting Review. This review aims to examine the reasons for the growing popularity of hosting services, the types of WordPress hosting services it offers, and the type of customer support it offers. This can serve as a guide for those who are considering WPX hosting for their new website or looking to move from their current hosting provider to WPX hosting.

Jack Lombardi said: “Fast WordPress loading is basically what created WPX hosting. Also, I would like to add that WPX Hosting is the creation of SEO expert Terry Kyle; he’s pretty much one of us; so he built WPX Hosting to solve common SEO problems when hosting WordPress sites. Today, we need a fast website to be successful online. From some research and my own experience, when a website takes 3 seconds or more to load , about 57% of your visitors are likely to go to another related website. About 80% of them won’t return to your site, and 50% of them may tell someone else that they had a bad experience. For example, Walmart found that when load time When going from 1 second to 4 seconds, the conversion rate dropped significantly. For every 1 second, the conversion rate increased by 2%.”

WPX Hosting is designed to be a high-performance website hosting solution for WordPress sites. It is important to note that in addition to providing high site speeds, WPX Hosting also performs daily website backups. This ensures that if something happens, the site owner will be able to retrieve the backed up files for free. They also offer WordPress site migration services for free. They will work as a team with the client and they will work to ensure that everything is transferred from the current hosting to the new WPX hosting account. This includes the transmission of all e-mails associated with the website.

Additionally, all plans offered by WPX Hosting come with free email services. This allows the website owner to have an email address associated with the website domain name. Email can also be set up to forward email to other addresses, such as Gmail and Yahoo accounts.

This review praises WPX Hosting’s simplified management dashboard. This means finding the various settings you need is easy and fast in just a few seconds. For anything the site owner doesn’t understand, the support team can also be easily contacted and they will respond quickly.

WPX Hosting is also designed to handle additional traffic. Also, as soon as traffic gets close to impacting site performance, they take immediate action, moving to other servers to ensure a smooth experience. Regarding customer support, Jack Lombardi noticed the quick response from customer support when submitting a support request.

WPX Hosting also offers free SSL, and the site will also be protected by Incapsula’s enterprise-grade DDoS security. Lastly, they offer affordable pricing plans.

Started by Jack Lombardi in 2008, CWDSC has become one of the top SEO firms serving Chicago and other major cities in the country. Although it is headquartered in Chicago, it has branches in seven other major cities and serves 76 towns. The company has a team of four full-time SEO professionals, each an expert in their job, with a combined experience of over 25 years.

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