Says Shiripour, founder of EZFunnels’ $58M SaaS solution on the market

/EIN NEWS/ — DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, September 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Said Shiripour, founder of German SaaS solution EZFunnels, is bringing features like blogging and payment connectivity to his already robust software. The new version is scheduled to be released in June next year.

EZFunnels: Comprehensive SaaS Solutions

EZFunnels helps companies collect, compare and run metrics to leverage the best possible business approach. EZFunnels assists businesses in curating an online space, as well as understanding the factors behind the scenes, hoping to be the control center for any online business. Comparing sales channels, outlining business plans for investors, and even running non-stop webinars to generate sales 24/7 are just a few of the capabilities this dynamic SaaS solution has to offer.

EZFunnels version 2.0 will enable brands to take complete control with a new level of clarity over their consumers. As the update allows the software to interact with new payment services like Payoneer and Stripe, as well as blogging capabilities, brands will be able to connect more closely with consumers through EZFunnels.

EZFunnels wanted to expand the service by offering a relatively limited range of generic SaaS solutions. Said Shiripour wants to expand EZFunnels’ consumer base to 200,000 German-speaking businesses worldwide.

There are gaps in the market due to the amount of time and planning that must be spent to build a proper sales pipeline, which is understandable for businesses that struggle to design a sales plan around their data and metrics. Converting solid leads into solid profits can be a huge challenge for businesses, especially when most businesses turn to focus on funnel size rather than being sustainable through a steady stream of revenue.

Said Shiripour is aware of the fickle environment presented by the Internet, that what is popular today may soon be outdated tomorrow. As a result, strategies must change equally frequently, requiring new solutions and experiments to find those solutions. With his software, Said Shiripour fills that void.

Said Shiripour defines business success as the constant trial and error process of determining the best approach and discarding concepts that are useless for the business. Shiripour said: “The goal should not be the joy of starting a business, but the path to achieving it. Because on this path a person grows through all his mistakes and achievements. I believe that entrepreneurs are the only ones who can shape our world And make it a better person. You have a huge responsibility not only to your employees, but to your customers and the environment.”

Who is Syed Hiripur?

Software entrepreneur and founder of the SaaS solution EZFunnels Said Shiripour originally studied engineering at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern. With a specialization in computer science, this young entrepreneur from the Middle East is naturally a huge supporter of automation in the business sector and provides comprehensive consulting to help owners face the challenges in the field head-on.

After Said Shiripour dropped out and started his online marketing career, the young CEO took on multiple projects including Memberwunder, an online course membership area, webinar software Webinarfly, and video player tool EZPlayer, culminating in EZFunnels. Said Shiripour runs more than 50 online courses in German-speaking countries, helping clients earn nearly $58 million through software and comprehensive education courses. Said Shiripour is certified by the University of Entrepreneurs as an online marketing expert in German-speaking regions, and he shares his expertise directly through consulting and professionally curated software such as EZFunnels.

As Said Shiripour continues to build EZFunnels with better functionality – resulting in a more comprehensive system – it will provide entrepreneurs with better direction and a deeper understanding of their own metrics and consumers. With EZFunnels, businesses will break new ground with sharp minds and a wealth of data metrics collected automatically.

Said Shiripour is a German software entrepreneur and founder of the SaaS solution EZFunnels. EZFunnels helps entrepreneurs automate their online marketing process and generate more leads and sales through their channels. Said studied engineering at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, specializing in computer science. In 2013, he quit his studies to start his internet marketing career. He has now launched several software projects including webinar software (Webinarfly), a video player tool for online marketers (EZPlayer), online course membership area (memberwunder), and his largest and most recent software project: EZFunnels. An all-in-one software solution that helps businesses convert visitors into leads and sales through the sales funnel. In addition to software products, Said Shiripour has created and launched more than 50 online courses in German-speaking countries. These online courses are about affiliate marketing, paid traffic, social media and online marketing. His online courses and software projects have brought in more than 58 million euros and he has been named the most successful online marketing specialist in the German-speaking region by the University of Entrepreneurs.

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