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  • Custody can provide veterans with additional income and flexibility to help keep up with rising living costs.
  • In 2021, U.S. hosts who claim to be veterans will make nearly $64 million in total.

As Veterans Day approaches in the United States, Airbnb is proud to recognize our Veterans community and active duty military hosts who have made great sacrifices to serve our country — and now they welcome guests from around the world into their homes.

Since 2008, Airbnb has made it possible for people to earn extra income.According to an internal Airbnb survey, about 13% of hosts in the U.S. are veterans or consider veterans as family members1Last year, American landlords who said they were veterans made nearly $64 million in total.

Airbnb offers veterans and active-duty military members the flexibility to share homes, depending on potential deployments and other duties that require time away from home.

Veronica Steele and Marion “Duke” Mills of Port Huron, Michigan

Duke Mills is a 100% service-related disabled U.S. veteran who is unable to work. He and his wife Veronica decided to become landlords to help supplement Duke’s disability pension. The couple was able to use the Veterans Home Loan Program to buy a house in Port Huron, Michigan, big enough to accommodate guests.

“The income we earn from hosting has not only improved my husband’s life, but it has enabled us to improve the lives of others, including the people we hire to help us build our homes and the veterans organizations we donate to,” Veronica shared road. “Escrow enables us to achieve our dream of financial independence when we thought disability was impossible.”

Duke and Veronica are also frequent travelers who chose Airbnb because of the community and connection they experienced. “Airbnb is about creating a community. Through hosting and travel, you create a connection that will last you a lifetime.”

Johanna and Jay Shipp of Fort Gordon, Georgia

Johanna Hipp is an active duty officer stationed in Fort Gordon, Georgia, and her husband Jay Hipp is a member of the South Carolina Army National Guard. Johanna and Jay decided to become hosts after learning about the need for accommodation during the local golf masters (now held all year round) held every April.

“Hosting has definitely increased our income to make up for the higher cost of living in the area,” shared Johanna. “It also offers options if we choose to retire after 20 years in the military. We really love it and most importantly, we are happy to hear that guests love this hotel as much as we do!”

Hipps also use the extra income from their Augusta, Georgia property to give back to their community and make their home more accessible to people with disabilities and accessibility needs, including veterans. “Hosting allows us to donate to those in need due to economic and natural disasters. We have donated to those impacted by Hurricane Ian and, more recently, to the cancer campaign,” Johanna said. “The extra income supports the purchase of an entry ramp to the house and the installation of a bathroom bar to accommodate disabled guests. We are constantly working to improve the house to meet the needs of future guests.”

Anthane Richie of Chesapeake, Virginia

Active Duty Navy Chief NCO Anthane Richie is the super-landlord of the Comfort Home in Chesapeake, Virginia. He says hosting has completely changed his life. Anthane gets extra income from sharing his home, adding extra furniture and decor, and even providing a laundry room for guests. “The income allows me to increase the value of my property,” he shared. “I pride myself on making our guests as comfortable as possible and have made adjustments after receiving feedback.”

At Airbnb, we want to thank all veterans for their sacrifice and service to our country.


  1. Based on a survey of approximately 14,000 Airbnb hosts who booked between June 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021 and were surveyed between February 17, 2022 and March 31, 2022.

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