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METROPOLIS MAGIC: “We are always improving our services for the benefit of our clients. They know they can count on us to provide excellent service in exceptional settings,” said Theresa Carr, owner of Metropolis Salon Spa, as she looks forward to Monday, December 5th The Metropolis “Sip & Shop” Holiday Open House. The front area of ​​the salon is shown, and the background of the newly expanded retail area.

Jean Stratton

Metropolis Spa Salon is a success story!

With so many businesses now coming and going, seemingly fleetingly, Metropolis has a special story to tell. Opened in 1993 in the Princeton Mall, it has grown from a small fledgling operation into a thriving spa and salon where clients can choose a service or enjoy a full hair and body experience.

A staff of 52, including hair stylists, beauticians, massage therapists and make-up artists, is on call to ensure each client’s best look and complete satisfaction.

Owner Theresa Carr provides a comprehensive training program for all staff and offers a continuing education program including workshops and seminars on the latest techniques and treatments.

“We train our employees continuously in all areas,” she noted.

special brand

Of course, the staff is up to date on all the latest developments and services in hair, skin and body care. In addition, they continue to offer their special brand of services to customers in a relaxed and rejuvenating atmosphere.

The feeling of relaxation begins upon arrival with the soothing view of the flowing waterfall from the large front window. Stepping into captivating sophistication, comfort, and spaciousness, you can preview experiences to come.

“We want service to be more of a focus, to let people know that, in addition to receiving high-quality attention, they will also feel relaxed when they are here and rejuvenated when they leave,” stresses Carr. “It should be a very positive experience. “We have designed a truly luxurious environment where your every need will be met in the most natural and relaxing atmosphere. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life while you relax and enjoy our wide range of services. In this stressful world, you need to relax physically and mentally. Our spa offers this opportunity. This is no longer a luxury, but a basic necessity. “

new model

Operations director Elisa Migliacci said Metropolis underwent extensive renovations starting with the main floor to enhance the experience.

“Our renovations give us a new look,” she says. “Also, the spa downstairs is currently undergoing renovations. In addition, we have greatly expanded our retail section with a wide range of high-quality hair and skin care products, healthy lifestyle brands and personal products. These are very popular , and many of them are organic.”

If the decoration refreshes Metropolis, its many services certainly refresh the customers. Whether it’s a new haircut or colour, a rejuvenating massage or body treatment, a pedicure to soothe tired toes, a manicure with the latest nail technology, or a glamorous make-up, any or all of these are guaranteed to give you a refreshed look or even a new look!

Usually, when one looks good, one feels good, and that’s what Metropolis employees are aiming for.

“Customer service is key,” Carr points out. “We want to be a place where when people are having a tough day, they think about calling Metropolis and knowing it’s a place that makes them feel and look good. That’s our biggest priority and fun.”

Where to start? Metropolis offers a range of ‘Body Balms’ and any choice is bound to be beneficial. Massages, facials and body treatments can all be complemented by a great new hairstyle (whether classic or avant-garde) and color.

Facials and massages are known to relieve stress and clients can choose from a number of different facials, whether for teenage skin concerns or aging skin concerns for mature clients.

customized treatment

Both women and men enjoy the benefits of facials, and Carr explains that an esthetician assesses each individual’s skin condition during the initial consultation. “There are custom facials for every skin condition, and the esthetician will determine the best facial for each individual.”

“AquaDerm is a special facial that delivers exceptional results,” she continues. “It’s a liquid-based vitamin infusion that exfoliates, hydrates, and brightens the skin. It’s the new version of microdermabrasion.”

Massage and body treatments offer many opportunities to relieve pain, improve complexion, relax and rejuvenate. There are many options for many conditions.

Other services include face and body waxing and spray tanning, as well as tanning products.

fashion statement

Metropolis stylists can create the perfect look for each client based on facial structure and hair texture. New cuts and colors can be just the thing for the holidays and New Years.

Color is a huge part of hair care today, and as Carr points out, it’s now a fashion statement that often changes with the seasons. And, while it’s still used to cover up gray, the color change has attracted more and more young people to try out new colors and looks.

“Our color technicians are very knowledgeable about the chemistry in color,” she says. “We use high-quality L’Oreal Elite hair products and, with such advances in technology, safer, improved color formulations.

“Of these techniques, Bayalage is very popular. It’s a hair painting technique that’s basically another way to highlight. Also, we offer color for people who might have made a mistake trying it themselves Corrective services, we also offer treatments for thinning hair and other conditions.”

Makeup application is a favorite of brides and those attending special events and parties, but eyelash extensions and eyelash tints are also popular.

Carr reports that customer safety has always been a top priority at Metropolis, as evidenced by the manicures and pedicures. “Everything is sterilized with a special solution and is medical grade.”

purification system

“During COVID, when we were closed for several months, we installed a state-of-the-art air cleaning system that actually cleaned the air four times a day,” Carr said. “This is the latest, most advanced technology. We want to provide the safest possible environment for our customers and employees.”

She’s glad customers have been coming back since Metropolis reopened. They’re from the Princeton area and beyond, and many have been coming since Metropolis opened.

“We have so many loyal customers who have actually become friends,” Karl points out. “Even second-generation clients are coming in now—the adult children of our original clients. It’s a special kind of loyalty we get. It’s a personal relationship.

“Plus, we have a lot of new clients all the time. We literally get 100 new clients a week. Some people find us online, but there’s also a lot of word of mouth and client referrals.”

As they keep returning, customers are pleased with the expanded retail area, where they can find a wide selection of products for all their hair and body needs.

“When you include our services and our retail offerings, it’s really a one-stop shopping opportunity,” Migliacci said. “We offer a range of skincare and hair products, including brands such as SkinCeuticals and Cinq Mondes, which is our only French offering in the region.

“In addition, we have a wide range of hair accessories such as handcrafted hair accessories, other designer jewelry, luxury candles, and wonderful bath products. The body wash is actually body wash, which is soothing and exfoliating. In a special container, just $10 makes a delightful teacher gift.”

“Sip and Shop”

“We wanted to make sure everyone was invited to our special ‘Sip & Shop’ holiday reception on Monday, December 5th between 5pm and 8pm,” said Migliacci. “We’ll be offering a selection of discounted products, a SkinCeuticals representative will be doing a free skin check, and refreshments will include wine and cheese. It’s a great way to check out our new line and holiday kits.

“I also wanted to let everyone know about our new app. This provides all the latest information on services, products and how to book an appointment. It’s the easiest and fastest way to see what’s going on in Metropolis.”

The spa offers gift certificates in any amount or in combination. This would make an especially popular holiday gift and is a great way to introduce someone who hasn’t had a facial or massage, or ask them for a haircut or color.

Carr is proud to have seen Metropolis develop into a special place in its 29 years, renowned for its high-end service and exceptional quality.

“I’ve been blessed to grow my business, and I’m grateful to all of my clients who have helped me make it happen,” Carl said. “The knowledge and experience of our staff, continuing education, our exceptional service, and the high quality of our product line all set us apart. I believe there is no other spa like ours in the area.”

Metropolis is open Monday and Saturday 9am-5pm and Tuesday-Friday 9am-9pm, call (609) 683-8388 for more information or visit

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