Perfecting Publisher Partnerships: Develop a More Profitable Affiliate Program

While much of the focus of co-marketing is on brands, there is a huge opportunity for publishers to embrace this channel and grow their businesses. As consumers seek content to guide their purchasing decisions, they can expand their monetization options by helping brands attract valuable content and audiences.

Technology is also evolving to meet the needs of publishers, so they can take advantage of every revenue-generating opportunity. Here are four areas where it can come into play:

  1. Grow your partnerships and opportunities faster. The faster the advertiser partners onboard, the faster both parties benefit. But traditionally, onboarding has been a one-way process, with brands deciding who to work with and then partnering with publishers. At, we’ve changed that. Publishers can now connect with brands they want to work with without having to join an affiliate network or be on our platform. Publishers can offer their own white label program that provides advertisers with a link to quickly set up an account for free. This reduces the time frame for getting partners up and running. It allows publishers to directly engage with brands they can support and easily join those brands without relying on third-party networks — meaning both can start making money sooner.
  1. Automate your payments and performance reporting. Even though publishers have in-house technology to support elements of their partner programs, most rely on manual methods when proving performance and managing partner payments. However, invoicing, pulling data from multiple networks and Google Analytics, and developing reports still requires a lot of resources and time. At the same time, tracking content performance and providing the regular reports brands need to monitor the success of their campaigns and demonstrate the value of working with partners is a challenge. This is a huge problem for many publishers, so take advantage of automation to solve it.
  1. Maximize the value of your current and past content. Broken links and out-of-stock items quickly drain the value of e-commerce content. For consumers, these are major setbacks when buying the product they’re reading. But beyond that annoyance, finding out-of-stock items leads them to buy elsewhere, depriving brands of sales and publishers’ commissions. Publishers must invest in technology that automatically checks link and inventory levels so that broken links can be updated and out-of-stock items redirected to different brands or similar items. This ability to automatically react without ever entering a website is critical for publishers to keep sales and not lose opportunities.

It also extends the value of content. Some publishers’ highest-earning affiliate articles may be several years old. But while consumers may still be discovering or referencing this content, how often will publishers go through the time-consuming process of checking and updating links to articles? It’s easy to do that now. When automatically applying link updates, they can capitalize on mid- and long-tail opportunities by ensuring that content remains relevant, up-to-date, and profitable.

  1. Increase your commission income. When writers create branded content For your advertiser partners, your technology should allow them to optimize the content creation process by automatically providing them with these links to support articles. Additionally, they should be able to identify the links that generate the highest commissions based on the topic of the article, so you can maximize your earning potential.

Develop a partnership channel for everyone

While may be thought of as providing a platform to support brands, as a tech business we are developing tools to grow the entire pipeline of collaborations. In doing so, we need to support both sides of the market. Otherwise, we will kill the channel’s development.

Therefore, we focus on providing the best tools for the different needs of advertisers and publishers so that both parties can prosper. And for publishers, that means delivering what they need – a fully integrated set of co-marketing tools, controlled from one interface.

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