MilesWeb: The future is headed for massive growth

Exclusive interview with Deepak Kori, Founder and Director of MilesWeb. The company has just been named one of the most innovative web hosting companies in the US for 2022.

Please tell us about your company, your profession and the services your company offers.

MilesWeb was founded in 2012 with the vision to help businesses of all sizes, verticals and large enterprises succeed online through feature-rich, reliable and competitively priced web hosting services.

Looking back at that time, I can still remember that we started from a small office space in Nashik, Maharashtra (India). We’ve grown a lot since the beginning.

It’s really an exciting time for us as we pride ourselves on being the leading web hosting provider in India with our roots in the international market.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of web hosting solutions including Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, WordPress Cloud, SSL, Domains and more.

With this, we promise 99.95% uptime to keep our clients’ websites online and provide 24/7 support to resolve their technical issues.

We strive to make everything smoother by giving our clients everything they need to host and manage their websites.

What makes your company innovative/unique? What are the key partnerships and engagements driving innovation?

I believe that in the fast-growing enterprise market, there will always be room for innovation, and that’s what we follow.

At MilesWeb, we focus on improving our customers’ overall web hosting experience. This includes optimized website speed, improved email delivery, advanced site scanners, security software, and more.

Of course, customer support is another factor that sets us apart.

We offer 24/7 hosting support via email, live chat, phone and tickets, and are also available in regional languages ​​such as English, Hindi and Marathi for the highest level of convenience.

Whether our customers are facing a technical issue, big or small, our team is there to help at 3am or 4pm. I think what customers prefer to choose us is our support and professional services.

Nevertheless, we have established some strategic partnerships with the top players in the and partners Utta and control keyAsia’s largest Tier-4 data center.

For managed cloud services, we’ve partnered with AWS, Digital Ocean, and Vultr. In fact, together, as partners, we can sustain significant impact.

I think that’s it!

Please detail any upcoming projects/plans that will benefit your client.

It’s always busy here. We’re constantly investing to bring important features and functionality, infrastructure advancements, best-in-class technology, security tools, and everything else that benefits our customers.

How do you see the company and industry of the future?

Of course, on our part, we’re looking at an exciting future. First, India has more than 7.9 million micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) as of March 27, 2022. Specifically, we want to help these industry segments go live with our reliable web hosting services.

There is no doubt that MilesWeb is booming and we hope to fill gaps, capture markets and reach the heights of success at the same rate.

Also, the Indian web hosting market is growing very fast in terms of infrastructure. Meanwhile, a recent report stated that, “By 2025, there are plans to establish more than 45 data centers in India covering 13 million square feet and 1,015 megawatts of IT capacity.” Given the solid infrastructure requirements, this would be a huge improvement.

I believe that the future will definitely develop in the direction of large-scale growth.

Your company’s greatest achievement.

I think our company’s greatest achievement to date is in the “customer satisfaction.” The point is, from the very beginning, our focus on customer experience has remained at the forefront.

Anything users can expect from a web hosting provider is top-notch hosting, prices they can realistically pay, security, and great customer support. None of this is in isolation. This is the ultimate combination for success.

We thrive on delighting our clients in all of these ways and more. We strive to keep our customers satisfied every step of their online journey.

Mention some of the awards, achievements, recognitions, and customer feedback that you consider noteworthy and valuable to the company.

Well, to be frank with you, we never do business expecting anything in return. But yes, we raise the bar for excellence in everything we do!

Therefore, we are very grateful for unrivaled customer support, reliable hosting, and being the first choice of our users.

Likewise, to date, we have won”User Preferred” by Hostadvice”, Driver of the Year AwardHelping SMEs brand their web presence, by Nayabharat Jagran Group,”strong support” & “great service” By Hostadvice, ““most watched” Hosting Provider and badges from Hosting Seekers continued.

Besides that, we get great feedback from our customers every day to solve their technical issues and help them have a smooth online experience. We have received more than 10000 positive reviews from our valuable customers on different trusted review platforms.

I must say that this feedback especially motivates our support staff and remains the most valuable testament to our company.

The approach changes the way organizations progress.

That’s a really good question. It’s clear that progress isn’t just a one-day game, it’s all about a concerted effort and strategic approach to getting your organization from where it started.

Exactly the same, when we started the company ten years ago, every step of the way progress was made with a lot of hard work and an increased focus on customer satisfaction. From the beginning, we have followed a purely customer-centric approach and are ready to think out of the box and make them happy.

That’s why we stand with over 40,000 satisfied customers worldwide. Obviously, yes, and that number is growing every day. In short, this approach helps inspire progress in our company.

Advice for future leaders who want to make it big in the market.

I would say that the web hosting world is highly competitive and you need to work extra hard to scale. Here’s my advice to future hardworking leaders, “Excellent leaders don’t follow a single path.”

To do this, they need the courage to take risks outside their comfort zone and, of course, strike the perfect blend between seasoned expertise and a willingness to thrive.

Most importantly, a leader needs to be able to navigate market challenges, ups and downs, and ultimately understand and satisfy customers’ needs.

Well, these are great mantras I believe.

Thank you. I am so happy to be part of this interview and it was a great moment!

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