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As the world’s largest fashion magazine and media brand, ELLE inspires women to explore and celebrate fashion in all aspects of life with inclusive and innovative content. ELLE is provocative, bold and daring – a much-needed escape that infuses women with joy, surprise and positivity.

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Find out about advertising opportunities in our magazine or on our digital/mobile website. For complete information, see our media kit. is produced by a team of editors passionate about fashion, beauty, news, culture and how to fit into the lives of modern women.

Jessica Roy

Field Director

Jessica is the Web Director for She was previously an associate editor at, writing primarily about women’s experiences in the MENA region. Jessica is currently adapting her story, Two Sisters and the Terrorist Between Them, into a book, which will be published by Scribner in February 2023. She loves baking, running, and your dog’s Instagram.

Claire Stern

Claire Stern

Deputy Editor

Claire is associate editor at where she edits, distributes stories, shapes the fashion vertical, and oversees SEO and travel #content.A graduate of Columbia Journalism School, she began her career in Ellie girl (RIP) Before joining the editorial board very cool and Bergdorf Goodman. FYI, she’s not a hugger.

Taylor Joe
Daniel James

Danielle James

beauty director

Danielle oversees all beauty coverage for She was introduced to the art of beauty at a young age through a mas band performing at the Trinidad Carnival and has never given up on tinted eyeshadow, bold blush, sequins and feathers since. Danielle enjoys covering many aspects of the industry, including the intersections and idiosyncrasies of beauty in different cultures. She is dedicated to breaking down old beauty norms and uplifting all women. When she’s not swiping her winged eyeliner on the streets of New York, Danielle can be seen at art exhibitions, adventure trips, or saving her latest fashion finds in her hometown.


Katherine Kruger

function editor

Katherine is a Feature Editor for Before Hirst, she worked at Splinter, Talking Points Memo and The Guardian. She loves taking pictures of her cats, talking about being from the Midwest, and spending too much time on Twitter.

Erica Gonzalez

Erica Gonzalez

Senior Culture Editor

Erica is’s Senior Culture Editor, where she oversees coverage for TV, movies, music, books, and more—whether it’s interviewing your next favorite musician or swarming Netflix’s hottest new show. She is a former editor of and currently lives in Brooklyn. She loves her mom’s disco music collection, coffee ice cream, and keeping the plants in her home alive. One day, she will close all open tabs.

Taylor Joe
Leah Romero

Leah Romero

Senior Digital Designer

Leah is a Senior Digital Designer at A New Yorker, she is passionate about fine art, food, and exploring Ecuadorian culture.Before her current role, she was a senior designer economist Emphasize advertising. Outside of work, you can browse her antique stores, create miniature sculptures and explore the city on foot.

Taylor Joe
Alyssa Bailey

Alyssa Bailey

Senior News and Strategy Editor

Alyssa covers all celebrities, royals and top news.Before working at, she was in very cool and Alyssa is a graduate of the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Journalism and originally from Maryland. She enjoys jogging, baking, dressing up and exploring New York City in her spare time. She doesn’t like Justin Bieber’s beard (sorry, Justin), but loves his dog Esther.

Taylor Joe
madison guy

Madison Ferrer

Senior Staff Writer

Madison writes about political news and culture. When she’s not online, she’s probably eating banana bread or taking a nap. Before, she was an editorial assistant for

Taylor Joe
Rose Minutario

Rose Minutaglio
Taylor Joe

Karin Lavash

Senior Social Media Editor

Carine is responsible for’s social media strategy. When she’s not surfing her social feeds, you’ll find her binge-watching on Netflix, meditating, or baking something she hopes will be great.

Taylor Joe

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