Loudweb Inc (OTC: CLOW) Steadily Gains as Shares Soar Above $3 a Share

Cloudweb Inc (OTCMKTS: CLOW ) is slowly but steadily heading north on a massive online advertising campaign that has attracted recent runners like GESI and VIHD(D). We first reported on CLOW on Nov. 1, when the stock had recovered from a low of $0.45 and has been on a steady upward run since hitting a recent high of $3.67 per share, up more than 800% since our first coverage.

CLOW’s promotions officially kicked off earlier this month after the company filed an 8k announcement that it would be launching three beta cloud-based business solutions, which we’ve covered in full below. CLOW has a long history of successful promotions, which we reported on in 2018, when we noted: “In recent weeks, CLOW has been climbing the ranks from starting points well below $0.30 per share to recent highs above $3 per share. Climbing up the charts. CLOW is an old pick from Godzilla promoters Elite Penny Stock Group.”

Cloud Web Corporation (OTCMKTS:CLOW) Operating out of Mountain View, CA, it is currently exploring different options for further developing and marketing its web hosting and data storage services Hostwizer.com, W8hosting.com and JeyCloud.com. This includes plans to provide free hosting services backed by content from advertisers. The company will also consider white labeling its services to allow other brands to use its platform for their own needs.

Cloudweb, Inc. was originally incorporated on May 25, 2014 as “Formigli, Inc.” The aim is to sell custom road bikes handcrafted by Renzo Formigli. About 18 months later, the company’s then president (Amy Chaffe) restructured the company and changed its name to “Cloudweb, Inc.” On January 28, 2016, the company signed an equity exchange agreement with Liao Zhi De to acquire Data Cloud, Inc. Through the acquisition of Data Cloud, Inc., the company previously owned Web Hosting, a UK-based web hosting solutions provider managed by a man named James Holland, which never became a profitable business. On April 1, 2017, the company transferred Data Cloud, Inc. and its subsidiary Web Hosting Solutions, Ltd. to a third party for nominal consideration. Since then, Cloudweb does not appear to have had any meaningful business operations.

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In February 2016, we reported on CLOW: elite cloud network company (OTC market: CLOW) Play OTC: cloud network company (OTC market: CLOW) Volume in the stock soared after the stock was announced as the new pick of penny stock Godzilla promoter Elite Penny Stock Group. APS Predecessor Elite Penny Stock Group operates the Finestpennystocks.com, Smartstockchoices.com, Bestamericanstocks.com and Elitepennystock.com, mysoaringpennystocks.com and pennystocks.com domains (it provides the APS connection because APS bought pennystocks for $1 .com M back in the day) their last pick EURI soared to an unbelievable high of $2.09 before the stock was designated by the dreaded skull and crossbones OTC market The whole thing fell apart.

On October 31, CLOW filed an 8k document in which it reads: “The Registrant reports that it is launching three beta cloud-based business solutions. Under the brand ‘SmartBiz’, the Registrant intends to develop and launch More cloud-based platforms to better serve businesses, especially those shifting to a broader online presence in the wake of the global pandemic.

  • SmartBizCompany.com/video, a cloud-based video editing software that creates short, marketing-focused videos in just minutes.
  • SmartbizCompany.com/chat, a cloud-based chatbot that allows SMBs to fully engage their customers.
  • SmartbizCompany.com/meet, a cloud-based video conferencing solution for telemedicine and hosting online meetings.

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Currently trading CLOW with a market cap of $100 million OS is 27,819,385 shares, most of which are restricted, with a public float of approximately 2.5 million shares. CLOW is an SEC filer with few assets or income and virtually no debt.Following the Elite Penny Stock promotion, the company initiates a 200-to-1 reverse split and on OTC marketSince then, management has done a lot to clean things up, including becoming an SEC filer and going “pink tide,” and CLOW has also announced that it will be launching three cloud-based beta versions of its business solutions. Since we first reported on CLOW’s reversal from the $0.45 low The stock soared to a recent high of $3.67 on Nov. 1 amid heavy advertising from the likes of GESI and VIHD(D) bWe’ve covered the rest of it extensively. CLOW is currently rising rapidly and could easily continue to rise from here for a long time, but when the bottom is pulled back, CLOW will fall quickly before investors have time to sell.Long-term CLOW cannot sustain anywhere near the current market Valuation and will drop significantly from here. We’ll be updating on CLOW as more details emerge, so make sure you subscribe to Microcapdaily to keep up to date with what’s going on in CLOW.

Disclosure: We have no positions in CLOW, long or short, nor have we been compensated for this article.

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