Top 10 High Demand Skills of 2022

List the 10 most in-demand skills in India, according to LinkedIn’s 2022 Future of Skills report

Gone are the days when your degree talked about your great work. Today, your graduate or graduate degree is second only to the skills you need for your dream organization. As the world shifts to a hybrid model and the changing nature of business, organizations are looking not only for educated candidates, but also highly skilled candidates.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to incorporate high-demand skills into your portfolio so you can not only get into your dream job, but excel in the ever-changing corporate landscape.

LinkedIn, which aims to help working professionals around the world excel in their fields and adapt to future business needs, has released new skills advancement dates as well as Skills Evolution 2022 and Future Skills 2022. The report uncovers 10 emerging skills in hot jobs and industries.

Skillset Changes

The global job skills mix has changed by about 25% over the past five years. According to LinkedIn, by 2025, skill sets are expected to change by 41%.

According to a LinkedIn report, the top 10 in-demand skills in India in 2022 are:

1. Business Development

Target: Build and enhance your business

job title: Vice President of Business Development, Business Development Manager, Head of Business Development

The skills of business development can be defined as introducing and implementing ideas, activities and initiatives that help improve the business.

Business development includes increasing revenue, improving profitability through strategic partnerships, making strategy-based business decisions and business expansion.

2. Marketing

Target: Facilitate the purchase or sale of the company’s products and services

job title: Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Brand Manager, Media Manager, Asset Manager, Media Strategist, Media Planner.

Marketing includes activities performed by a company to facilitate the purchase and sale of a product or service. It utilizes various means namely advertising, selling and delivering products. Today, modern marketing techniques such as affiliate marketing also benefit businesses tremendously.

Marketing through promotions and advertising includes lucrative slogans or phrases, celebrity endorsements, attractive packaging, smart graphic design and great media exposure.

3. Sales and Marketing

Target: Increase traffic and increase sales

job title: Sales and Marketing Representative, SA Director; es and Marketing, Sales and Marketing Manager

Sales and marketing go hand in hand. Sales focus on the short term, while marketing focuses on the long term. Sales responsibilities include using data and research to help drive sales strategies and achieve sales goals.

Marketing involves promoting products and services. Business success is guaranteed when both marketing and sales are going well.

Marketing drives traffic and sales drives customers. Therefore, it is important to master both.

4. Engineering

Target: Satisfying the needs of customers, using new information and communication technologies

job title: Software Engineering Manager, Engineering Manager

It involves the development and implementation of business solutions. This varies from business models to business processes and organizational structures to information systems and information technology.

5. SQL

Target: Help with the use and design of relational databases across UPC’s different schools

job title: Data Architect, Data Modeler, Data Analyst

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a standardized programming language for managing relational databases and involving various operations on data.

SQL is used to perform tasks such as updating data in or restoring data from a database.

6. Sales

Target: Convert leads into customers

job title: business manager

Selling is simply all activities involved in selling a product or service to a consumer or other business. Great effort was put into closing the deal. It involves prospecting, building relationships, and providing solutions to customers. There are many different types of sales, so getting into it can give you the upper hand over the others.

7. Java

Java is a popular programming language and computing platform. It is a widely used object-oriented programming language and software platform supported by billions of devices.

Developers use Java to create applications in data centers, laptops, game consoles, cell phones, scientific supercomputers, and more.

8. Sales Management

This is the process of organizing and optimizing the sales department. Some aspects of sales management involve recruiting and training employees, developing strategies to foster growth, driving revenue, and coordinating operations within a department.

9. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure, formerly known as Windows Azure, is a public cloud computing platform. It provides a range of cloud services such as computing, analytics, storage and networking.

10. Spring boots

Simply put, it is an open source Java-based framework for creating microservices. Developed by the Pivotal Team, this framework is used to create standalone and production-ready Spring applications.

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