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Including myself.

This may seem obvious, but it’s a big change from a few years ago. You’ll see that there’s a lot going on and a lot is happening.

Why is this important? Because people claim to be experts, and you listen to them 24/7.

Let’s talk about the improv band scene. You don’t know it unless you’re in it. Are you familiar with goose music? Have you heard of the band? They’re the hottest new/emerging acts on the improv scene, but you won’t see them in the Spotify top 50, nor where you traditionally know what’s going on.

Hitsdailydouble focuses on broadcasting. Mainly stuff from big labels, they’ll pay them to promote it. If you don’t fit into that niche, and now everything is niche, you don’t know it.

But if you subscribe to “Relix,” go to some music festivals, have friends there, listen to SiriusXM’s Jam On, you know it.

how could I know? Promoter. Promoters are the best source of information when it comes to what’s really going on these days. If you can sell tickets, that means you have a fan base. Many shows with fan bases rarely, if ever, appear in mainstream media.

Then there’s hip hop. Listen to the end of my podcast with Joe Coscarelli. There’s a hip-hop scene in Milwaukee right now, and one in central California. I didn’t know until he told me. It turns out that rappers are like rockers of yesteryear, but instead of playing clubs in their hometowns, they rent beats in their bedrooms, bang them, and put them online.

As for online…forget YouTube and TikTok, 60,000+ tracks are added to Spotify every day. Most of them are worthless, but not all. How do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Playlists can be helpful, but they’re not the ultimate statement.

Then there’s the radio. Radio stations and well-paid label promoters will tell you how important it is to move the needle, and then you won’t find anyone listening to terrestrial radio.

Yes, there is disinformation and misinformation.

What does it mean?

trust yourself. Trust your experience. Forge your own path.

Zach Bryan is totally independent and then the biggest new act, certainly the biggest new act in country music. I’ve written about him, I’ve heard from many people who think they know him, they’ve never heard of him, let alone his music.

Rufus Du Soul playing the Hollywood Bowl? Again, most people have never heard of this behavior.

You can do well and be relatively unknown, that’s not the way it used to be.

In the pre-Internet era, music industry professionals knew every record. They may not have heard of it, but they at least know the backstory, what it sounds like. Today’s record is in the top 10 they’re completely unfamiliar with.

I can extend it to politics, I’ll take a minute. The person who speaks the loudest, usually he, is considered the most, irrespective of the veracity of their words. Institutions are not trusted. If you confront delusions with facts, they won’t admit the truth, impossible. Trust me, politics is much more important than music.

Typically, the #1 position is manipulated. The show, which was listed as sold out, was held at a reduced venue. So you need to know not only the scenery, but also the tricks!

Music has never been more mature. Everything is on the table with few rules. Professionals are often as ignorant as Hyporoes.

Music is a creativity game. If you are imitating others, you have sacrificed. But you can succeed if you follow your muse and gain an audience, just don’t expect anyone but your fans to admit it.

I wouldn’t say nobody knows everything, but nobody knows everything. So take everything the self-proclaimed poohbahs say with a grain of salt. Check their eligibility. If they start weighing everything…either they have very weak knowledge in many areas, or they lie completely.

The music industry is a threat. Everyone is a bully. They want to convince you that you are wrong and can’t. Don’t listen to them.

But don’t complain when you don’t get recognized. What you’re doing either works or it doesn’t. It’s in your hands. If you’re not attractive, then there’s something wrong with your music, your program, your marketing, your social media activity.

You start from scratch. You build it from there. And, if you’re young and engaged, you’re probably trendier than older players who don’t want their vision clouded.

Kids have been interested in TikTok before hashtags, the music industry as a whole. They scoffed at their ancestor Musical.ly and thought it was history when it made its way to TikTok, and they were dead wrong.

It’s chaotic out there and you have to build your own roadmap.

There are experts. But you have to find them and test their knowledge to qualify them.

Instead of thinking that there are fewer paths to success and fewer types of success, do the opposite. Everyone has a seat today. And there is room to change minds and thoughts and engage fans.

Again, it’s not top down, it’s bottom up.

Many times, people on the bottom have more access to the scenery than those on the top.

Don’t doubt yourself. Go straight.

But be prepared to fight hard.

and learn.

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