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oh come on. Next, should everyone have the right to a new iPhone on launch day? Every car in the lineup at sticker price No wait?

Oh, and doing physical products takes time. Updating software also takes time!

Yes, this has been a learning experience for Ticketmaster. They will have to upgrade their underlying software to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Maybe it’s also a problem with using an extra server. Is this unheard of? Even Spotify has been interrupted time and time again. Oops, it’s another monopoly that hurts all artists in this case, right?

So you can’t get Taylor Swift a front row seat at face value. You can’t even buy a Rolex at face value anymore, where things have been ripped off by independent dealers. They call it a market. Demand exceeds supply, that’s all.

Do you no longer see spam in your inbox? Let’s be clear, spam filters are better than they used to be, but spam still finds its way into your inbox. Even Google can’t tell exactly what’s spam and what’s not, and Gmail is the personal email standard!

Have we really evolved into a society without any problems, where everything works 24/7 and where all situations can be foreseen and resolved? Do you really think Nostradamus worked at Ticketmaster?

But my inbox is flooded with requests to be on the radio show, and they’ll take an hour to process it! What is there to talk about?

This is a story about Taylor Swift’s status, not Ticketmaster’s status.

But we have Amy Klobuchar and other elected officials saying they’re going to take drastic measures. Who else are they going to hit, every website that goes down, even for a whole day? Come on, it happens often.

But no response will satisfy the grandstanding of these ignorant people. Yes, they want to be seen as serving their constituents. If they were wrong about this, what else could they be wrong about? It makes one question how they run the country, I mean republicans and democrats if you can’t even accept the facts!

Where are these guys when ticket sales are weak. I didn’t see them testify, telling the assembled crowd to go to the show to keep Ticketmaster alive.

As for the damn handling fee… I kept saying that I would never go to Ticketmaster again, but I just couldn’t make it through. Everyone in there knows that the fees are there to make a ton of money on top of the total commission so that the promoters can make a profit, so those actions don’t take it all.

What about outlawing buildings that charge partial fees? As well as independent promoters and behemoths. Talk about low-margin businesses… Apple’s margins are close to 30%, while concert promoters’ margins are down to single digits. It’s amazing that anyone is even in the concert promotion business.

You can’t have a concert without tickets. For all the old crap, when you line up… first off, the first person in line doesn’t even get a front seat. Then, in order to create order, they would use the ticket number of the movie theater to scramble the order of people in line. I still remember 40 years ago queuing, getting a number, going to breakfast, and coming back a little over two hours later to buy tickets for the Springsteen “river” tour. Believe me, not only did I not sit in the front row, I didn’t even sit on the floor! I went to Tower Records right after sunrise!

But now I can buy tickets anywhere with my smartphone. Physical objects are a thing of the past and I can transfer gold coins from the same smartphone. As for going back to the good old days…they weren’t that good!

Omg, is this the country we handed over to? Where the truth doesn’t matter, where are you free to say things that don’t matter? Yep, the backlash against Ticketmaster is akin to claims that the election was rigged and all the other bs are taking up news space.

I get it, it’s a sexy story because it involves Taylor Swift. Thanks to Tay-Tay, she broke the system. She’s not the first celebrity to do this, and she won’t be the last. It’s a testament to how big Swift is, not an underlying conspiracy. Gosh, what the hell is Ticketmaster’s motivation? The goal is to sell when there is demand, and everyone who doesn’t get what they want immediately may end up never buying. That’s why companies are producing extra products, they want to be ready. Then there’s the shmatah business, all these companies like Old Navy and many others who buy too many clothes and have to write them off because they can’t sell them. Yeah, where are these government voices and blowhards trying to get ratings behind sexy Swifts and geeky conductors when it goes the other way?

These acts are responsible for all of this. They set the fare. They create big fees. Ticketmaster is paid to keep warm. Because these acts don’t want their fans to hate them. Worse, fans don’t hate them even when they are told they acted wrong, they just don’t believe it!

We live in a computerized world of ones and zeros. There are no little people making decisions in Ticketmaster software, just like there are no little people in your smartphone or computer. And the software is not perfect. People make mistakes. The country cannot be governed by emotion, it must be based on facts. That’s how we got into this whole stolen election b people saying Trump lost doesn’t feel right. Well, it didn’t feel like he won for the first time, but he didn’t.

There is nothing to argue about here, nothing to talk about, everyone inside knows that Ticketmaster is the best way to sell tickets and they are the only company that can handle the demand.

I hope everyone will be STFU! There are no villains here. Just a hugely successful pop star and a company that was caught off guard by the demand.

But no one wants to believe that. There must be a villain behind all this. Someone is out looking for them. but not!

Wow, this is awesome. We’ve been talking about ticketing for over two decades, and the truth doesn’t matter.

But it must be stated again and again before it can be filed.

you have it.

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