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Yes. It’s mostly a bunch of unconnected vignettes just narrated with a single line of commentary. Jane lived an extraordinary life, met extraordinary people, and created extraordinary experiences, but the book feels like the disappointing and fragmented memory of a distant passenger in his own life story.

Olivier Chastain


I wish I had read your review before buying his book. I finally finished watching it, and only watched it before going to bed. Took a few weeks! Each story is just a paragraph, disconnected from the previous paragraph. His description of drug use is particularly offensive. I’m older than Jenn, but not an angel. What a waste of time!

Pen Oliver


You are absolutely right. Never knew he was such a boastful aristocratic snob. I did make it about 2/3 of the way. Learn more and be inspired by your wonderful interview with Bonnie Raitt. Bob did a great job. Thank you.

John C. Yamer


Chapter 57 (!) “My Ruined City” sums up everything you said about the book. Ostensibly about his reminiscences in New York during 9/11, before he really gets to the point of this chapter, he sprinkles some antidote about rowing with Jagger and selling 49% of his gossip rags to Eisner. It only lasted 2 pages before he went back to Mick and actually tried to defend his authorized 5 star review for “Goddess at the Door”. The only thing that is telling about this book is the lack of revelation.

Ian Taylor


Yes, Bob. You’re right.
I feel obligated to read his book. The Rolling Stones were my bible growing up.
When I finished reading this book, I felt ripped off. He looks like a spoiled kid. It’s that simple.
At the same time I am forever grateful that he founded the Rolling Stones. Humans, you can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them.Ha ha ha ha

Alan Childs


Should have been named “Lucky F…y Me”, I audio booked it and the only benefit I got was that my basement was cleaned. I had hoped that people and bands who had been wrongly maligned over the years would be accepted.

Lori Baldassi


The strangest thing is that the revelation that JW thinks Yoko needs a wheelchair will be interpreted as digging? This lady is 89 years old. She will turn 90 in February.

Deb Wilke


Re: Wenner’s autobiography. Most people don’t realize that writing a book is very different from writing an article, even a long one. A book needs a “controlling mind” as its backbone. Even if a story comes back that OK, it still has to pass the “who cares?” test. This is especially important in memoirs because it helps you decide what can (and should) be left out. Otherwise you get “what did I do on summer vacation” or you mean journaling, that’s how it reads. By the way, I looked around and the other three books he wrote had someone else as an author or “connected” with someone and they looked better. In the past, a development editor came with a contract for the book, but no more. Now people have to hire people like me to defend readers and help save the book from wandering into the desert. —

Helena Buchez


I’m also trying to cover it up. It is very difficult to get into half a chapter at a time.

Jon Scott


You may have heard Jann Wenner’s interview with Howard. Wenner seemed too pretentious for a nobody like me. Skiing with Springsteen and Sting, being serenaded by Mick Jagger at a bonfire with the rest of the music intellectuals – they give…are they just ‘hanging out’ with Jann, as one PR says positive RS Articles will sell another 50,000 copies of their latest album?

FC Thornton
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Bob, I heard him on Howard and had to try to stay focused. Not even Howard can make this guy interesting, and he really has no, no, personal insight.that’s terrible

Kathy Davis


When I heard that Jann Wenner would be playing Howard Stern a few weeks ago, I was really looking forward to it. Howard is usually a solid interviewer, and Jenn’s life is rather interesting. It has to be good, right? Well, that’s not the case. It’s utterly boring.

Despite the interview, I thought I might buy the book and give it a chance. After reading your comment, I will pass. Sounds a lot like the gibberish he spit out in an interview with Howard.

Thanks, Bob! You just saved me $20 and (more importantly) a lot of time.

Bill Valewski


I heard Jann was interviewed on Marc Maron and Joe Rogan’s podcast. Gets on well with Malone, but in conversations with Logan, he appears petty. He was dismissive of any idea that wasn’t his own, and it wasn’t impressive at all. I thought he was a lot smarter than he was – the mystery he kept was even more impressive than a real person!

Like they say to meet your hero – prepare to be disappointed, I am.

Patrick Whitaker


Hi Bob! I don’t see it at all. I also read RS when I was younger and it was good at the time. I love recaps of his life, good and bad, from his POV. Like gossip, bits and pieces about celebrities.

Honestly, you sound a little jealous.

Young people don’t read this and I don’t know why they should. For them, there is no way down the road of memory. I listened to it on Audible and really enjoyed stopping to listen to a song referenced on Spotify, or googled a cover to jog my memory.

I hope to read your memoir when it comes out.

thanks for listening.

Christine Waldenburg


Wow, this is the harshest review I’ve ever read…

“Led Zeppelin One” in Rolling Stone, “Haha!

Mark B. Spiegel

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