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“Apparently Bob Lefsetz doesn’t have TikTok, otherwise he would have seen us live on the platform for the Grammy nominations *did* this morning. His other post today is about ‘krinkly fries’ so this guy is obviously locked Priorities for youth culture.”

John Loken @kidmedium

Followers: 859

Jobs According to LinkedIn: Marketer at The Recording Academy

Now, if I was smart, I wouldn’t reply to this tweet because it’s completely irrelevant, like the Grammy stream on TikTok. …

Now I say:

“Yes, you might see mentions of TikTok on the show, but those in the know know the nominations should be on TikTok, think of the buzz!”

So, technically, I was wrong. Because if you Google, and it’s not easy to find, you’ll learn:

“Live streaming of the 65th Annual Awards Ceremony will be available on the official Grammy website and on the Academy’s Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok social media channels. The full list of nominees will be announced after the event.”: https:/ /bit.ly/3ExdGgu

Once again, I was wrong. John Loken won. By responding, I lose. But here’s something to learn…you have to create unique content for TIKTOK!

It’s just that broadcasting doesn’t work anymore. It’s the shotgun approach the entertainment industry has taken for decades, even though the Internet age has completely changed the landscape.

One thing is for sure, the news that the Grammys will be broadcasting the nomination process on TikTok never reached me and I was reading the news 24/7. It’s a testament to how difficult it is to reach anyone these days. Also, Mr. Loken is the only one who alerts me to my mistakes, and usually when I make mistakes, I’ve heard a lot of people like to pile on. So if a tree falls in the forest…

If you try to reach everyone, you will reach no one. Attack the target demo first, those who care.

Believe me, they’re not on facebook, that’s all alta kachers.

As for Twitter…even before Musk took over, the numbers were staggering because the number of young people active on the service was negligible. Instagram stinks, like Facebook, people who never got the memo are still there.

Then there’s TikTok.

If you listen to the service itself, it’s telling advertisers not to use their usual placements, to make the content unique to TikTok, to have it blend seamlessly with the rest of the channel. This is usually user generated.

Yep, anyone with a brain would know that the way to reach TikTokkers is to hire TikTokkers and unleash their creativity, rather than just doing a standard broadcast which is a waste of time knowing you’ll get the full nomination list in no time. Talk about creative…so nominations are on TikTok, BFD!

Yes, you might say I’m stuck. But today it’s all in the weeds, and that’s where the truth lies. This is how the mainstream media missed the election, not in the weeds but in the echo chamber of the usual suspects.

We got a knee-jerk reaction from one employee and I questioned his efforts.

First and foremost, I don’t know who John Loken is, but I get criticized online every day and I know I shouldn’t respond. It comes with territory. On balance, Mr. Loken let me expand my point, add data, describing how bad the idea of ​​the Grammys is here.

Isn’t this the difference between the US and China? In China (and Japan), they teach exams, which are rote, no creativity. But it’s America’s ingenuity, its ingenuity, that makes this country a source of innovation, ahead of the rest. It’s almost never the people who get straight A’s that change the world, it’s the people who rebel against the establishment, do things their way, see things differently, and in many cases never even go to college, let alone graduate.

Our entire nation is reeling from a lack of art and music education in our schools. The greatest and most successful figure in pop music is Max Martin. He was educated at the Swedish Music School. We don’t have anything like that in the US. But we are first!

Yes, the Grammys are number one among music awards. But what does this mean? To quote Edwin Starr, absolutely nothing! Well, more than that, but not much. Music evolves, but organizations don’t. I mean who would want to work in a brain dead business like this where change has to happen slowly and you thank the musicians who have enough time to participate and the people who are changing the world are too busy to sit on a fakokta board Discuss the details.

Yes, I’m being blunt.

Yes, just by weighing in I took a hit on my image. Better to let it slide.

But just because something is technically correct, doesn’t mean it’s emotionally correct, doesn’t mean it’s true at all. It’s like a Chinese student who got a high score on a math test. What does this mean in the real world? not much. Maybe you can climb the ladder of like-minded thinkers and become a cog in the machine. Art is about rejecting the machine, going beyond the machine, questioning everything, everything is up for grabs.

But not the Grammy organization. They hired a woman and fired her, and she wanted to change too quickly. To get something in return, Deborah Duggan had to keep silent. This is similar to companies that pay off Me Too criminals in their ranks. keep quiet. move on. But in the end the truth came out.

Take the national temperature at the Grammys, for example. Facts hardly matter. How do you make others care?

Not by showing the same dead video on multiple social media, that’s for sure.

In fact, I’m on TikTok every day, sometimes for more than an hour, sometimes for less. You see it’s so addictive. But I don’t post, I have my own way to reach people. So Mr. Loken was completely wrong. I don’t care, but the truth is most people are lurkers.

So here’s the bottom line: TikTok is where it happens, and it’s the only social media that really drives tit-for-tat. It’s about user-generated content. Let me quote an email and keep it:

From: Niman Nassari (at Universal Music)

Subject: Re: Grammy Nominations

Date: November 15, 2022 at 11:40:48 AM PST

To: Bob Lefsetz

Not to mention how the glass animals “slowed down” the UGC version we ended up bringing to DSP’s TikTok (and was the second most popular song on their Spotify page) really helped it end up being #1 after all those weeks on the charts one

The power of TikTok is real

PS I react to French fries a lot more than I do to Grammy nominations, it’s just how much people care about food, and food is hipper than music.

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