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Are you looking at this?

Jack texted me and I went to Rotten Tomatoes right away. The number is less than 80, not a small number, so…I wrote it down but didn’t put it at the top of the list.

But last night, wanting to start a new show, I tuned up Endeavour, which had amazing ratings, and Phyllis was quick to say she thought she’d seen it, after all it’s on the Masterpiece Theater, and it’s all in English Both get a lot of news on PBS.

Now I actually have a list. Pretty verbose. But it’s on my phone. My phone is in another room. I was lying in bed and icing my knees after a hike (if you have tendinitis, works great, hold on for 20 minutes, no more, I recommend frozen peas instead of frozen water) and I really don’t remember. And I was exhausted and not in a good mood anyway.

So, I pressed the Netflix button on the Roku. Netflix has the best interface, they list shows based on popularity, I’m not sure I’ll find anything I want to watch, but “Inside Man” came up right away.

But it wasn’t Jack’s suggestion that made me decide to watch. It’s David Tennant, you can see him in the photo. Tennant is a terrific actor, ironically I knew it from Broadchurch, etc. Anything from David Tennant is worth a try.

So I pushed and played.

What I got was a very intense scene on the train, but totally up to date. Male toxicity mixed with technology. I don’t want to give up anything, but I love shows that reflect modern life. We live in an internet world, can we admit it?

And the interaction between the two women getting off the bus is very interesting, there is a subtext that I can’t understand, but it is very intriguing.

Then the show flips to a prison in America

We were in a room with a guy who played a senator, a big black man with a cheerful personality but a heinous crime, and Stanley Tucci.

Stanley Tucci. He’s been getting a lot of ink lately. For those CNN shows about eating in Italy. They’re fine, but what does Stanley really eat, he’s so skinny!

There was a joke between the three, and…

Tucci is a testament to that fascination. Based on intelligence. You don’t see his acting, unlike Meryl Streep, he seems to be the character.

And he’s not a flatterer, he’s actually a modern hero, the kind that goes to war with men, you know, a strong male individual like Paul Newman, but with a tougher edge. A man’s man.

But that’s not who Tucci really is. He is a professor of criminal law. A fool, a teacher should be a coward without a soul.

But trust me, Twitch has soul.

Now unlike Tucci, I’m in a rush to write about men’s wars, but it’s a hot topic right now, there’s resistance, I’m not saying men are sterilized, but I’d say the media’s complaints about men are exactly what women tend to like the most about them place. They all said they wanted someone warm and fuzzy, listen to them, then they went for the edgy hunk, and now…I dug a deeper hole for myself.

Then the show jumped back to the UK, and what happened… wasn’t entirely believable. It will never go on like this. I was wondering if I could live with this show, my time is precious and then…

They go back to prison.

Twitch eats the screen without asking for attention. He’s smart, distant, confident in his opinions and actions, and you just marvel at how good he is.

But he’s not a traditional movie mogul. His hair was short and basically bald. He wears glasses. I don’t know, I’m straight, but I can see a woman chasing him, it’s just something he radiates from within.

Now, Tucci has truly become a part of the firmament because “Big Night” is a movie you can’t make today, and if you did, hardly anyone would see it. Despite all the hustle and bustle about youngsters and superheroes, he’s a true star.

So, in fact, I’ve only watched one episode of “Inside Man.” But I’m dying to turn on the tablet screen again tonight just to see Twitch.

This is what I live for. Excellence, Advantage and Stanley Offers.

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