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He is so normal!

I wasn’t expecting much. It’s not like the boss keeps his cards in front of his chest. I mean how much more is there to know?

a lot of!

But not as I expected.

It’s like sitting at the kitchen table with Springsteen. The two buddies join together and reveal their inner truth without hesitation. It’s a curse for musicians. Forgetting the mystery is often key to their image, they give many interviews, spend long periods in the public eye, they are media savvy, aware of pitfalls, and always on their toes.

And Stern’s style is to make you feel so relaxed and the conversation so intimate that he can ask taboo questions, about your sex life, about your inner feelings, when you walk out of the studio and your adrenaline is surging, But soon there will be that little voice, do I really mean it? The phone rings and you start spinning, but it’s too late, no edits, it’s aired, even though Howard does his show multiple times a week, you’re lucky if you’ll be asked in two minutes or three years !

So I was hoping that Bruce would be guarded and Howard would push, but that’s not the case. Bruce has been a game since the beginning. He is no different from me and you, except he is BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!

One of the peaks was Bruce marveling at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame stage with Mick Jagger on his right and George Harrison on his left…just like you or me! He knew how hard he worked and what the chances were, but he did it! It’s not that he doesn’t think he deserves it, it’s just that he remembers being fascinated by these guys when he was in New Jersey and walking along?

It requires a lot of perseverance. It’s more important than ideas. Talent, this is just the beginning. But are you willing to endure these hardships?

I mean Bruce was talking about sleeping in a surf shop. He actually mentioned surfing himself! Yes, can you see him on a board off the Jersey Shore, not black, but colorful long-leg pants from that era?

And then there’s that thing about Bruce at the beach, only this time as an adult, on September 11th. In his house on the shore, right? No, at the beach club. Is BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN a member of the beach club?

Celebrities keep telling us they’re better than us, they don’t even live in the same world, and they vacation on Richard Branson’s private island in a private jet. But Springsteen invited the whole town to his house for Halloween?

I’m not saying that Bruce didn’t have some amazing performances on the show, but as good as they were, those weren’t the highlights.

As for whether his kids knew who he was and was on the show…he said he had a pact with Patty not to bring it home and she told him to shut up when he started talking about his work. We thought he was the boss…

Not that he knows how to build relationships. He had to learn how to do it through therapy. When most baby boomers see therapy as a sign of weakness, you have to figure it out yourself to be a man.

As for his original marriage…Bruce praised the woman but said she was the wrong person and no amount of therapy would work.

Then there’s his back surgery story. Yes, his hands are starting to go numb, so he needs to cut a slit in his throat and attack the discs in his neck to relieve the pressure. Come on, you and your buddies have these conversations on a regular basis, if you’re a baby boomer, but stars are supposed to be inviolable, and if there’s anything really wrong with them, it’s a national crisis, and the whole country will allegiance and cry.

So Bruce got caught by the bug. Unlike many of today’s young jerks, he knows that if you want to rock, there’s still a long way to go to get to the top. He talks about all the gigs he plays. The ones involving fire departments I’ve never heard of, we don’t have the ones I grew up in Connecticut. Blues is like a musician from the 60s and 70s, he would show up wherever there was a gig and he wanted to play!

as lead guitarist. That used to be Bruce’s ace. His crying, his tearing.

As for making…

His parents moved to California, leaving him behind, alone and penniless, with only his guitar and his wits. Most people can’t do it, and Bruce says how hard it is.

He spoke of his reverence for Dylan, “blinded by light” written on the beach in a rhyming dictionary. And how Bob contacted him for the Kennedy Center Honors Game. Yes, it’s a club and we’re not in it, but Bruce is our representative.

I don’t want you to cringe. Bruce knows who he is, he’s rich, but somehow you can’t get rid of his jersey.

Most people want to climb the stairs and be beautiful. Bruce is laughing, you know the style of his speech, you can see real people, and it’s very different from the editorial interviews we’ve had access to over the decades. Reverence for the boss undercuts his honesty. Most of the people who took these photos were unaware. It’s all grain to the mill.

It’s not that the locals don’t say he’s changed. Bruce said you have to change, you can’t keep doing the same thing. Howard agrees. You have to progress or you are dead.

And how he has had a conversation with his fans throughout his career. That’s what the new album is about, not the number one. It turns out that Bruce has a better perspective than the person in charge of the machine.

As for why Jon Landau became his manager…it’s because of trust! You can’t buy trust. Trust is very rare in the music industry. Everyone is trying to survive, and if they have to sacrifice you in the process, so be it.

Not that Bruce is a puppy licking at Howard’s feet. When Howard started talking about Patty, and how much he wanted her there, Bruce said she didn’t show up because Howard ruined her. She might get over it, but it will take a lot of work from Howard. Bruce ended up looking bigger. He didn’t even want Howard to hype his new album, that’s not what the interview was about.

Of course, this emergence raises awareness. But the listeners did not feel manipulated.

As I’ve always said, I don’t hate Bruce Springsteen, I hate his fans. It’s a sort of how many shows you’ve watched and how much you know. That superfan touchstone will disappoint people. I mean how on earth do you prove someone is a bigger fan. How big of a fan do you even have to be if you show up and enjoy it?

Howard did ask about the $500 million sale to Sony, but he didn’t ask about the Ticketmaster fiasco. This is not a questionable interview.

Nor is it a lecture or a show. It’s more real than a Broadway show recorded on Netflix because you can feel the intimacy!

Broadway show…so you’re spending $750 to $1000. good for you. But this is not the second time, nothing. As you get older, you realize that it’s all about the individual, you! No one is better than others. This is your life, you make it what you want.

Instead of enjoying the fruits of success and the wonderful life, Bruce worked in his studio every day. Even if the rock paradigm is dead, he is who he is.

And I’m not going to be on David Geffen’s yacht…the lines are starting to blur. You want to maintain your credibility, your integrity, but that doesn’t mean you always have to say no. Sometimes you make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes, but we play a trap game with our heroes.

So, writing all that “Born to Run” on the Aeolian piano his grandmother gave him… Bruce scratching his ivory in the studio, you can get it, but I never thought about this album that way.

And how the muse came and went and he couldn’t control it, and how many years would pass before he wrote another song. It’s so different from the Nashville model, where you get together with other people to sing a song every day, and everyone who’s really involved in the game knows that the best pieces come from original inspiration. And you know when it hits, it’s a lightning bolt that only you can feel, and you have to capture the moment immediately or you’ll lose it. If you’re grateful for your muse, that means something else has to be sacrificed. As far as Bruce is concerned, almost everything is before he finally settles down and has a family. As it turns out, stars are not enough.

Honestly, the effects start to wear off after about ninety minutes. Bruce is just another person telling his story. You know the patterns of performance and make them want more. But that’s if you care more about your audience than yourself, and if you believe in manipulation. The key is to lead others through yourself. If you move yourself away, if there’s too much smoke and too many mirrors, you can’t do that.

I’m not saying the interviews are too long, it’s just that Bruce normalized over time and he stopped being a star and became just another person telling his story. That’s what you do in the twenty-first century, you obliterate the boundaries between you and the audience, and that’s the only thing that really works.

So Bruce has been on the record, he’s taking antidepressants. Or did.

He immediately admitted to wearing a hearing aid.

He’s getting old and at some point you have to have it. How bad is that?

Will Bruce Springsteen be remembered? Unlike Paul McCartney and others, most of his material is exclusive to him and no one can cover it, which tends to shorten lifespan, and when fans start going, no one, or not many people want to take the time Go get it, let’s be clear, you have to take your time to actually get Bruce Springsteen. That’s how all the shows in the past, you had to play these albums over and over to get them. And you just want to get closer.

Springsteen brings us closer than ever.

Would I say I like the new material just as much as the old one?

No, Bruce is in a different place, and so am I.

But at least he’s trying.

But I’m tired of the media machine constructing the story in every new release like it’s just nectar from heaven when it’s just music, at best soothes your soul and gets you through, anyone who’s actually in the game knows you You can’t get to the top every time, you think, but 11 is hard to come by, and the longer you play and the more you know, the harder it gets.

So there’s a lot about Bruce’s dad. How Springsteen lived his father’s life in public through his songs.

But in the end…

His parents live in San Francisco. His father was sitting at the table drinking beer. Because some things never change, some people are locked in their ways, a lot in fact. Bruce reached into his jacket, put his newly won Oscar on the table, and said nothing.

He has reached the top of the mountain. Everyone seems to know and admit this, except his father. He could not get the love of his father. But now, he holds the ultimate trump card.

His father said he would never tell anyone what to do again…

It feels good, but it’s not enough, it’s not acknowledgment, it’s not love, but what Bruce can get is enough.

Since he could never get more, he became an artist. To explore this pain, to find love, embark on the journey of the Other, because he is always considered to be the Other anyway.

I’m not listening as a fan, I’m listening as a person. I got some insights. This got me thinking. I don’t need to compare notes with the team. I realized that Bruce and I would never be friends in high school. Even though we grew up on the same planet and in the same era, the hopes and dreams that his parents instilled in him were nothing like the ones I gave me. He and Howard talked about their relationship with their parents…it’s not mine. Because each of us is different. The key is to be you.

If you like to see Springsteen, that’s great. doesn’t make you better than others.

What’s interesting is the guy on stage, the perpetrator, he knows it all, he’s more developed than most people who listen. He’s just doing what he’s doing. He’s glad you like it. But in fact, you are completely different.

But in the end it’s the same.

Here comes the problem, here comes the magic.

That’s rock.

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