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It’s not as good as the first, but still better than most TV shows (and movies!)

Boil it down to Shefali Shah, “Mr. Madam.” If you can’t get over Sidse Babett Knudsen in “Borgen,” you should check out Shefali Shah. They’re totally different, Knudsen sells sexiness and softness that Shah doesn’t prove. However, in the world of men, they are all strong characters, strong women.

Shah plays Vartika Chaturvedi, Deputy Chief of Police. According to the show, Delhi is… basically unlawful. I love fixed shots of the almost endless low-rise landscape. Makes me want to go there, but Phyllis says I say that to all the foreign shows we watch.

I have been to Mumbai and there are many similarities. Especially traffic and motor rickshaws. They are like the ants of Mumbai. In groups, in and out of traffic. With three wheels, you know they are inherently compromised in terms of safety. But in India, everyone thinks about themselves. Actually, it’s the same in the US, but it wasn’t known until Covid.

So Vartika, the Mrs., is tasked with investigating the savage break-in of the rich man’s house. They don’t know who did it, let alone the motive. I can tell you the twists and turns, but I don’t want to give away anything.

However, Shah plays Vartika seriously. She’s competent, self-directed, admits to things she doesn’t know, and doesn’t want to play the game of her male superiors, who care about optics first and foremost.

Vartika is the voice of reason in an irrational world.

It cannot be said that I have seen a similar portrayal in American works. Because even with this woman in the lead role, she is charming. And Vartika is just a man doing work in the world. like most people. Sure, it’s a noble job, but in a Hollywood production, you can see the gulf between the people on the screen and the rest of us. Or you have a pretty actress in the ghetto, like Charlize Theron in “Monster.” Oscar devoured all this stuff, but I can’t say I watched the movie and didn’t see Theron in the role, like I always see Meryl Streep in her role, and the acting also Often studied too deeply.

But Shefali Shah is more natural, living in her skin.

So I live for these TV shows. Movies don’t do it for me, they’re too fast, too many are missed. I like to turn off the lights and get involved. crime. But a lot of times what you’re seeing isn’t good enough, you’re just looking at it but not participating in it. And the show I love feels almost real.

Everything about “Delhi Crime” is on it. Not just acting. It’s not cheaply made, but unlike Hollywood, cinematography doesn’t cover up the story.

India is where the rich and the poor live side by side. How do you move up? In the US we are considered upwardly mobile if you work hard enough, but compared to European countries this is not statistically true. Oh, for the first time in my life I see some of these other countries on par with the US. There’s nothing we can do, dogs get tail-wagged by a few, and there’s no free healthcare. How could this be?

So if you watched the first season of Derry Crimes, you should watch the second season. You can watch the second and not the first, but there’s no reason to.

As a streaming show, not all episodes are cut to fit the time constraints. Some are more than 30 minutes long, some are nearly an hour. And there are only five episodes. It’s disappointing because they went deeper in the first season. But you can finish Derry Crime 2 in a day or two, which isn’t a huge commitment.

You can watch in English, by default, but I would say switch to Hindi with English subtitles, many shows are in English anyway.

Again, you know who you are and you know if this appeals to you. This is a self-selecting group. There are two camps. Those who open the tablet to look for something to see, those who open it because they want to see, those who are looking for entertainment, and those who are looking for more calories than empty, those who want to bite into a steak and chew , let their food marinate in the mouth.

Forget it’s an Indian production, it’s not very foreign because people around the world are more alike than different now, and the characters are more real than on most TVs.

And, thanks to the binge model, you can see everything at once. I’m sad it’s over.

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