The Kim Kardashian True Crime Podcast System

Kim Kardashian shares details of her upcoming true crime podcast ‘The System’

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Kim Kardashian takes her interest in the criminal justice system to another level with her upcoming True Crime Spotify podcast, system.

The 41-year-old aspiring lawyer, who signed a podcast deal with the streaming platform in 2020, has now revealed details of the upcoming series she will host.

In December, Kardashian shared that after three failed attempts, she finally passed the ‘baby bar’ law exam, she told interview Magazine: “The first season was about a really crazy case where a man was sentenced to death for three homicides in Ohio.”

While she didn’t reveal too much, including the details of the case or when the series will be released, she shared: “There are a lot of twists and turns in how it was handled or mishandled, and we take our listeners on a journey to find the truth.

The Kim Kardashian True Crime Podcast System

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Mom of four who not only passed the baby bar but got a ‘near-perfect’ score as described in episode 6 The Kardashiansalso noting that she is halfway through her legal studies.

Combined with her passion for criminal justice reform, she continues to be inspired by the stories of women serving long prison terms for “low-level drug offenses.”

Kardashian explained: “Their stories are both very similar. They both committed crimes for their boyfriends or for their husbands.

“I mean, I might have done something stupid at some point, I might have just made a couple of decisions because I was in a similar situation, any of us might have been.

This Keeping up with the Kardashians The alumnus explained that hearing about these women’s experiences motivated her to speak out.

In addition to pursuing her degree, the SKIMS founder and socialite uses her platform to follow some of the experiences of women on social media.

“Once I saw how broken the system was, I couldn’t stop,” she said.

“I have to help as many people as possible. These people are thrown in jail and nobody cares. It’s heartbreaking.

When the sixth episode The Kardashians The video that aired showed King finding out she helped Julius Jones get forgiveness, who was convicted of murder in 1999 and spent 20 years on death row before his execution was called off.

Plus, it showcases the thrilling moment the reality star turned businesswoman passes her baby bar exam.

Kardashian was eating with her kids at Red Lobster when her aide said the results were ready and accessible via her phone.

After a group prayer in the car with her kids and Tracy Romulus, Kardashian explained, “If she fails, she’s going there to avoid being upset in public.” This is my last Accept it once, so if I don’t, my law school journey is over. ”

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Romulus later exclaimed: “You passed!” A tearful Kardashian said excitedly: “I’m so happy. Like I really didn’t think I made it.

Unbelievable, she asked Romulus, “Are you sure I passed?” after asking her to double-check the results.

Speaking of her eldest child, daughter Northwest, Kardashian added: “I’m so glad North is seeing this because my kids know I’ve taken time away from them to learn.”

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She was later heard gushing: “Everyone told me it was impossible, I couldn’t pass this test, and I did.”

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