Keffals declare victory in war with troll forum Kiwi Farms

After falling victim to repeated slapping attempts, it allegedly happened because users of a site called Kiwi Farms were known for harassing and doxxing creators targeting her, popular political commentators, trans-rights activists and Regular Twitch streamer Clara “Keffals” Sorrenti won her battle with the site and is now “celebrating their demise.”

Keffals went live on September 5 with the title “We Win! #DropKiwifarms” and gave a final update on the situation following a campaign to end the site.

The repeated onslaught on streaming began exactly a month ago, and in response, Keffals chose to start a campaign called #DropKiwiFarms, with the goal of shutting down Kiwi Farms entirely.

Some time before she went live, Keffals shared a post on Twitter highlighting a Kiwi Farms user being charged by German prosecutors with “cyberbullying, cyberstalking, hacking, human flesh attacks, hate speech and persecution of minorities.”

However, among other topics she discussed, Keffals revealed that she found it was actually fake, just to get attention.

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Also before Keffals’ official final announcement of what happened, another activist and content creator, Erin Reed, shared that the creator of Kiwi Farms admitted “failure” in a lengthy statement he released despite his 9 Claimed on the 1st. 4 posted that the issues he faced had nothing to do with the campaign or the circumstances surrounding it.

The statement was discussed and analyzed on Keffals’ livestream as she confirmed what she had previously said on Twitter and made it official in front of her gathered streaming fans: “We did it. We did it.”

Kefars then explained that they had officially brought down the “kiwifruit farm”, so her battles and campaigns against them were successful.

The Twitch streamer and activist then went into further detail and explained that, as the creator of Kiwi Farms pointed out in the statement above, the Russian company Kiwi Farms tried to switch to them after their initial shield service dropped them, and then also Ended up putting them in less than a day. The catch vendors used by Kiwi Farms also dropped them, and Keffals explained that a combination of factors meant her campaign was a success and the site was finally done.

“Even if they restore the site, they are not immune to DDoS attacks.”

Screenshot via Keffals on Twitch

Ellen Murray, a Twitch streamer and activist, also known as “EllenFromNowOn,” joined Keffals on the celebratory stream, adding that “evil has been defeated.”

The pair then showed an official statement from the DDoS-Guard that Kiwi Farms attempted to exploit before being dropped by the company. The site’s statement said they chose to terminate their contract with Kiwi Farms after “received multiple user complaints about breaches of the DDoS-Guard Acceptable Use Policy”.

“Even when they’re trying to get back to normal, they’re doing it without protection,” explained EllenFromNowOn.Plus, while streaming live, the pair realized the company was in even bigger trouble — the now-infamous Kiwi Farms founder also lost his web hosting.

“No hosts, no DDoS protection, nothing,” Keffals cheered on the state of Kiwi Farms upon realizing it.

Keffals also took a moment to explain that she hopes the closure of Kiwi Farms will prevent similar harassment attempts in the future. Because of how her campaign and rallies against Kiwi Farms went, and in less than seven days, they “knocked it down”, the streamer and activist star hopes others seeking to spread hate in a similar fashion People will be discouraged from doing this.

“I hope this brings you some satisfaction,” commented Keffals, wishing all other victims of harassment, human flesh and slapping like hers would now find peace.

Following her livestream, Keffals shared a statement on Twitter about the situation at Kiwi Farms as a whole. She also declared again: “We won. The kiwifruit farm is dead.”

After the Kiwi Farms creator made a statement against the troll site, Keffals is pretty confident this is the endgame for the platform.

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