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KOCHI: Even though the state government is doing its best to attract IT professionals from other states to work in IT campuses in Kerala, it seems that this message has not been communicated to law enforcement officials. Technicians from other states who work at various Infopark companies have filed allegations that police demanded money to issue tenant verification or clearance certificates.

According to the technicians, the most attacked are bachelors and single women living in rental houses in Kakanad. “We are being threatened with ‘gang hijacking’ by the police. The police have also threatened us that we will not be allowed to stay in Kakanad without a police verification certificate,” the technician said.

In a circular issued by the Infopark police station on August 20, 2022, it is stipulated that those who rent an apartment or accommodation must obtain a certificate from the police station. “Thousands of people from other regions and states live in rental properties in Kakanad,” the technician said. The technician claims that the need for a certificate is not mentioned anywhere in the regulations. “The police are using this as a way to make money,” the technicians claim. According to them, the new move follows a murder at an apartment in Kakanad last month. “It is understandable to ask for a copy of the resident ID. But what is the logic behind the need for a police clearance?” they asked.

According to the technicians, the notice issued by the police also mentioned that if the occupants of their apartments or houses do not have a police certificate, a lawsuit will be filed against the owners. Meanwhile, Jidheesh Rajan, secretary of Infopark Prathidhwani, said: “Many technicians often make such allegations. If we receive more such complaints from technicians, we will deal with the issue with the city police chief.” When someone comes to us for direction on this type of issue, we tell them explicitly not to accept such a request. The technician is told to refuse payment,” he added.

Meanwhile, Trikakala Police Assistant Commissioner PV Baby said the rules were created to ensure public safety. “We produced ‘Non-Involvement Certificates’ (NIOs) for tenants to ensure public safety. How do we know if someone living in an apartment or condo has a criminal record? We witnessed the same thing in the Edachira apartment murders,” Baby said.

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