IAMAI’s India Affiliate Summit turns focus to performance marketing

The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) will hold its 8th largest affiliate marketing event – ​​India Affiliate Summit on the 14thth September and 15thth Leela Ambience in Gurgaon in September. India Affiliate Summit or IAS started in 2015 as a platform where all stakeholders of Affiliate and Performance Marketing in India come together under one roof. It is the meeting point for brands, agencies, publishers, affiliates, bloggers, micro-influencers to seamlessly network and share cross-learning and knowledge in the industry. It focuses on how to leverage affiliate marketing to drive profitable results for brands and stakeholders, agencies, bloggers, influencers. Over 2,500 top marketing professionals representing over 700 leading Indian and international brands will attend the summit and over 50 performance marketing ecosystem experts will share their valuable insights at this year’s conference.

For marketing enthusiasts, this will be a unique opportunity to hear from industry leaders, and the summit will include our main segment, which will include discussions on “How to Elevate Your Brand’s B2B Partnerships and Drive More Sales” Member time, e-commerce and D2C time to discuss “How brands can navigate diverse business strategies and trends” and drive pan-India business results through social commerce. The last two segments, Programmatic Time, discuss the right way to build and maintain programmatic infrastructure, leveraging new age media – Audio, CTV, DOOH and Influencer Time, with a focus on “how to connect, talk and convert” through social Media Listening and Social Media Customer Service” and draw attention through context and creativity.

“In India, there are no events dedicated to affiliated industries and it is very exciting to see what is happening with IAS, vCommission has been a showcase partner and title partner of IAS for seven years. See where our industry came from and how it is It’s also heartwarming to develop. The collaboration between vCommission and IAMAI for IAS is amazing. We thank IAMAI for the trust in this event when we came up with it, at a time when no other international event was hosting an Indian edition.” vCommission Media said Parul Tarang Bhargava, co-founder and CEO of Private Limited.

Alok Pandey, VP Sales & Marketing at Xapads, said: “India is seen as one of the premier destinations for technology and innovation, with the India Alliance Summit being a platform where top talent in the Adtech industry will meet and set the future game. After a 2 year break, the excitement is definitely 3x. We look forward to two days of innovation, creativity and brainstorming sessions with our friends, peers and community. Congratulations to the #IAS22 team for bringing back the magic and more success “.

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which third-party publishers are compensated by brands to generate traffic and generate leads for the brand’s products and services. These third-party publishers are known as affiliates. They pay per sale or click or impression. Affiliate marketing is a billion dollar industry powered by digital marketing analytics. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a further increase in online sales compared to traditional buying behavior, further accelerating the affiliate marketing industry. There are three main types of affiliate marketing, namely affiliate marketing, independent affiliate marketing and related affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has gained a boost with the increasing use of social media platforms. As of 2020, India has 518 million social media users, including about 260 million Facebook users, 22.95 million Snapchat users, 80 million Instagram users and 11.45 million Twitter users. India’s e-commerce industry is expected to reach $200 billion by 2026. According to data, about 15% of online sales in India are generated through affiliate channels.

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