How to start making money on your favorite games

The number of players simultaneously playing modern game projects continues to grow as games give people the opportunity to experience experiences that many people cannot get in real life.

Players who choose items that have an active economy and are able to exchange in-game goods with other players can also benefit from their hobby.

Online games you can get include:


An online soccer simulator from the creators of EA Sports. Game developers update their series every year with improvements to the graphics, physics of movement and ball behavior, and the realism of how it feels during games due to fans’ actions.

The game has a developed economic component that allows players to Buy FIFA 22 coins and sell them to improve their gaming lineup.

How to make money on FIFA 22:

1. Sell coins to other players on special platforms – Participate in matches and tournaments against opponents and you will get coins – you can buy football coins for new players. Accumulate coins and sell them to other players and earn real money in your favorite games.

2. Find well-known players – if you successfully acquire a well-known player, you can always sell it to other users for in-game currency and earn more gold, or sell the card directly to interested players for real money.

3. Play Roulette – Roulette is about starting with players where you can get outstanding and valuable players, as well as minor players who are not particularly wanted in the gaming community. But with the same amount of coins being spent at the opening, such a process can hardly be called a payoff, as it is more like a roulette or lottery game, suitable only for gamblers who decide to take their chances.

4. Train other players – If you’ve fully mastered the FIFA 23 football simulator and won most of the matches you’ve played – you can train other players.

To do this, it is enough to find a good game store or platform and offer your services – users will be interested in learning fake moves, strategies and various tricks to improve their wins in regular games and special tournaments Rates, where the locations that take place during the match give all players significant coins based on the final location.

Since football simulators are very popular in the gaming industry, there is considerable demand for the service.

Counter Strike: Go

an online shooter Valve Studios content about fighting terrorists and special forces is very popular in the gaming industry due to the powerful and advanced eSports system.

But that’s not the only criterion of popularity – because of the well thought out economy and the project’s connection to the studio where users can create game skins and be able to sell every possible game product on the Steam website, if you Knowing the game and its trends, CS GO will be a great source of income.

What you can earn:

1. Buying and reselling skins – The popularity of CS:GO is closely related to the impact of the extensive customization system and the complete lack of donations on the gameplay. Skins are purely cosmetic, but that’s what makes them so valuable.

To make money on the skins, you can use a trick — at nearly every game, the developers release game stickers — with the player’s name in the context of the competition’s logo or the esports team it represents.

By purchasing such stickers and sculpting them on game skins, you can increase their value, even if Steam website offers lower cost.

Engrave stickers appropriately and appropriately – remember that other players who buy them have a chance to check the items in the special menu before buying.

2. Search for products with stickers – the Steam platform always offers the best prices thanks to the lowest offers already on the market. We sort products with stickers by search and compare weapon prices with and without stickers.

Users often drop weapons with stickers for regular prices without realizing their value, which is a great opportunity to make money by resale of in-game skins.

Getting ready for the resale process can take time, but there’s an advantage here – a product with a sticker is unique, and it’s a matter of time and luck for other users to buy it.

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