How to make money with cryptocurrency mining in 2022?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is how to make money with cryptocurrency mining.

While many believe that crypto mining is dead, especially after The Merge launch and Bitcoin’s price drop, we can’t agree.

One of these projects proves that you don’t need technical knowledge or expensive equipment to start crypto mining.

Copium Protocol is a pioneer in this field – the first project to allow investors to start mining by investing in NFTs or cryptocurrencies.

Here is a brief overview of the project.

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What is the Copium Protocol?
Copium Protocol is a mining investment project and ecosystem that allows cryptocurrency mining.

The whole idea of ​​the project is to give everyone the opportunity to participate in mining without expensive equipment.

The entire Copium Protocol ecosystem consists of four elements:
● Copium mining
● Investor Pass
● Copper coins
● Copium Staking

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Copium Protocol – Overview
The ecosystem is centered around the launch of the Copium Protocol Investor Pass — Copium Protocol’s collection of NFTs.

The main goal is to raise enough money to buy mining equipment and infrastructure. The Copium Protocol team is looking to expand its mining facility in New Zealand.

Revenues from the Copium Mining facility will be used to purchase Copium Coins on the open market once the entire project goes live.

After purchase, the tokens will be burned, reducing the supply and making the entire project scalable.

Copium Coin will be launched with NFT Collection. The project is backed by the Ethereum network.

The token is the foundation of the Copium Protocol ecosystem. The Copium Coin will be pre-sold for 60 days, after which the tokens will be sold publicly.

The sale will continue until Copium Coin reaches the hard cap.

After NFT collection and Coin launch, Copium Protocol will launch its Staking platform.

Token holders will be able to stake their tokens during a series of lock and unlock periods. The amount of rewards they will receive will depend on the length of the staking period.

Additionally, NFT holders will gain many additional benefits.

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Copium Coin Overview
The token will go on sale at the same time as the NFT Collection on November 9th.

Tokens have a soft cap of 2.5% and a hard cap of 5% of the total supply available for presale.

The price of a Copium coin is $0.10 for 1 Copium coin. The public sale of Copium Coin will take place on Uniswap.

Copium Investor Pass Overview
The NFT series will have 10,000 tokens and will be available for sale on November 9, 2022.

NFT holders will receive a number of benefits, including an initial amount of 10,000 Copium Coins per token holder.

NFT token holders will also receive a Pass mint, allowing participation in the Copium Coin staking protocol.

Pass holders can also stake their investor passes in exchange for daily income in Copium Coin.

This daily distribution will include 10 Copium coins per stake pass. All investors will be able to hold their coins for two years despite the price of Copium Coin at all times.

Last but not least, NFT holders will have access to an exclusive one-time staking rate. The lock-up period is 36 months and the annual interest rate is 38%.

To qualify for this offer, NFT holders must hold at least 10,000 Copium Coins or more.

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Copium Mining Overview
Copium Mining has several mining facilities around the world, but the one in New Zealand is the largest.

It is located in a small town called Dunedin.

Dunedin is on the outskirts of the Southern Alps, which means the location has temperatures suitable for crypto mining.

In addition, the Mint provides 100% clean and renewable hydroelectric power.

This makes the facility one of the rare crypto mining facilities in the world that provides renewable energy.

According to the company, this is why they maintain a low cost and efficient business model.
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Staking Platform Overview

The platform is the core of the entire ecosystem. As mentioned earlier, it allows investors to stake their tokens and receive a high percentage of APY returns.

The staking platform is non-custodial. This means that stakers can retain rights to their assets. Investors will be credited to their wallets after the staking contract expires.

If they wish to unstake before the expiration date, all accrued interest will be eliminated.

The staking platform has some additional features, including:
● Custom staking settings
● Future investment forecast
● Overview of current holdings
● Review ongoing contract expiration dates

The Investor Pass pledge rate is higher than the public pledge rate. So ownership of an investor pass is mandatory if you want to get the highest possible returns.

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Copium Protocol Roadmap
Phase 1 – Copium Coin ICO Pre-sale

Phase 2 – Copium Protocol Investor Pass Launch.

The NFT collection will have 10k NFTs. The first 2k who sign up to invest early will receive guaranteed minting points at a discounted fixed price of 3 ETH.

Phase 3 – Allocating funds for foundry facilities and equipment

Phase 4 – Copium Token Burning Protocol
All Copium coins purchased through Copium Mining will be burned. This will reduce supply and ensure the coin remains deflationary.

Phase 5 – Copium Coin Airdrop
The Copium Coin airdrop will be available to all NFT holders. Each pass will receive 10,000 Copium coins.

Stage 6 – Launch of Investor Pass Holder Utility
All pass holders can stake their passes and earn rewards. Rewards are guaranteed to stakers for 24 months regardless of the Copium Coin price.

Token holders who decide to stake the pass will receive exclusive high yields.

Phase 7 – Launch the staking platform

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wrap up
The Copium protocol is the perfect way to start crypto mining without owning expensive equipment.

This is also a great way to make money from cryptocurrency mining in 2022.

Simply put, invest in the Investor Pass and get Copium Coin. This will give you an airdrop of 10,000 coins and a daily distribution of 10 Copium coins.

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