How to Make Money in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Money in Bannerlord is necessary to develop and maintain an army. Recruiting new recruits, promoting them, feeding them, and paying their daily wages all require huge sums of money that can add up quickly.

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While starting out as a low-level lord, your initial Denari will quickly run out. At the beginning of the game, you will need to work on increasing your coffers to expand your army and overall presence in Calradia lands. Here are some ways to earn Denari and maintain a steady income while growing your empire.


Complete side quests

within each A city, settlement or castle is an NPC for your interaction.Some of these NPCs are marked with an exclamation mark in the location overview menu. These characters can be talked to and will give you side quests to complete. There are only so many side quest types, so they are often reused by different NPCs.

These side quests can often be very easy and simple paydays early on.As your army grows, you will be able to command companion take squad to Complete side quests by yourself. This approach allows you to become complete multiple tedious Complete side quests in one go.

loot and sell everything

If you defeat the enemy in battle, you can Plunder gear their soldiers and any goods and provisions They are with them.While this equipment may not be useful to you or your companions equipment, carry and Sell ​​everything to local merchants will only benefit you. As you fight bigger battles, you’ll get thousands of items upon victory, all of which are worth selling. Stronger enemies also provide better lootproviding a risk-reward ratio for each tough fight.


Caravans can be a viable source of Denari, yours or someone else’s. NPCs in the city can be used to Build a trade caravan Use a companion and some of your party’s troops. This caravan is a bit pricey to start with, but it will give you passive income in no time. Caravans are also prime targets for raiders or wartime, so make sure they are protected by some of your best troops.

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The caravan is also a prime target if you want to do some raiding on your Will be at war with the empire of caravans, but this can quickly become lucrative if you choose the right goals.caravans are usually guard One few elite troopsbut often carry large amounts of coins or expensive goods to steal and sell.


the game is Found in cities with arenas. You can enter tournaments and place bet on yourself. If you win, you will get a bet return in addition to your winnings, as well as a powerful piece of equipment. After a few wins, you’ll have multiple pieces of powerful gear, and you can start selling other gear you’ve acquired for extra rewards. Losing in a tournament will only cost you your initial bet, making tournaments a great place to hone your fighting skills. No wagering is required to enter the tournament, and if you win, you pay a small amount of cash and still give away gear.

get a fief

A fief in Bannerlord is a settlement, castle or city under your family.fief provides another Passive income in taxes. The tax of the fief goes directly into your inventory. Fiefdoms can be managed to increase overall prosperity, defense, population, etc.

In the admin menu you can Provide dinars to fiefs. This will increase the construction speed of various upgrades, rapidly increasing the prosperity of the fief.go through Complete the upgrade And donate dinars to the fief, its prosperity will increase and give you more tax every day.

go to war

Fighting another lord in battle is the easiest and most efficient way to earn money.will to war need thousands of troops But will give you enough Denari to buy tens of thousands of dollars later. superior lord There will be more Denari in the faction as well The best loot. Defeating a high lord in battle will give you maybe millions Denari and the best gear to use or sell in the game. attacking army can also assure you huge paydayas long as you can win.

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