How GoDaddy Helps Small Businesses with Domain Names, Website Builders, WordPress and More in 2022

As an official GoDaddy reseller, Branchleaf Digital now offers many GoDaddy products directly to customers. This is to know.

First, what is GoDaddy?

As one of the world’s largest domain name registrars and web hosting providers, GoDaddy offers a range of products and services to customers around the world. GoDaddy, Inc. is a U.S. public company (NYSE: GDDY) currently headquartered in Tempe, Arizona and incorporated in Delaware.

Having said that, what exactly is GoDaddy for? What specific products and services does the company provide to customers? These are the questions that this article aims to address.

What is GoDaddy for?

Historically, GoDaddy has primarily been used for domain name registration and web hosting services. However, GoDaddy has evolved their platform over the years to provide a wider range of products and services to meet the needs of everyday entrepreneurs. GoDaddy now offers many tools designed to help entrepreneurs start and grow their business online.

From website building tools to digital marketing resources, many customers now use GoDaddy’s services to create their website or online store when starting a business. In this regard, GoDaddy is used to build an online presence and brand for small businesses.

products and services

GoDaddy offers a complete portfolio of products and services to customers of all skill levels. However, the vast majority of products that GoDaddy sells can be condensed into a few main categories:

  • website domain name
  • web hosting
  • website builder
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Professional Email and Microsoft 365
  • Cybersecurity and Backup
  • SSL certificate
  • Internet Marketing Tools

Branchleaf Digital now offers customers all of these products and services.

Domain names are the number one product that GoDaddy sells and is known for. More than 840,000 domain names are registered through the company, making GoDaddy the world’s largest domain name registrar.

Web hosting is another product that GoDaddy has offered its customers from the very beginning, along with domain name registration services.

These hosting categories include:

  • Shared web hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Enterprise hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Private server

Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting (or more commonly referred to as “web hosting”) is a hosting plan offered by GoDaddy designed to use a basic website. It is also the most economical type of hosting offered by GoDaddy.

GoDaddy’s Linux-based shared web hosting is currently available in four different plan tiers. The differences in each plan are mainly related to performance and processing power, storage space, number of databases, and the number of websites that can be hosted under a single plan.

GoDaddy WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is another type of web hosting offered by GoDaddy. WordPress hosting is a web hosting plan specific to your WordPress website needs and hosting requirements.

Also known as managed WordPress hosting, this web hosting plan is designed to simplify setup and manage your WordPress site more easily. With WordPress hosting, many aspects of WordPress management are handled automatically for clients out of the box.

These administrative tasks include automatic WordPress version updates, automatic plugin and theme updates, and automatic backups.

When setting up a website with WordPress hosting, there are also some plugins pre-installed to help make setup and configuration easier for users. For example, an SEO plugin is pre-installed to help implement basic SEO best practices from the start. Additionally, every WordPress hosting plan includes a free SSL certificate for added web security.

GoDaddy Business Hosting

Another type of web hosting that GoDaddy offers is commercial hosting. These web hosting plans offer users more features and performance than traditional shared hosting plans, but still retain the ability to be managed in a similar way.

However, unlike shared hosting, customers do not have to share server resources such as CPU, RAM, and memory resources with other users. Business Hosting is for users with growing websites and high traffic who need more resources than what a shared hosting plan can offer.

These plans provide the performance capabilities of a Virtual Private Server (VPS) without all the technical knowledge typically associated with managing servers. With Business Hosting, every aspect of the hosting environment can still be managed through the control panel cPanel.

GoDaddy VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is another hosting option offered through GoDaddy. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and GoDaddy offers two different types of VPS hosting, including:

  • Self-Managed VPS Hosting
  • Fully managed VPS hosting

Under the Self-Managed option, users manage their own virtual users. With the fully managed option, GoDaddy handles server management for the client.

GoDaddy Dedicated Server

Dedicated server hosting is the highest level of web hosting that GoDaddy offers. It is also the most powerful hosting option and provides users with maximum control over their hosting plans.

Similar to their VPS hosting plans, GoDaddy’s dedicated server hosting plans have two options to choose from:

  • Self-Managed Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Fully managed dedicated server hosting

With the self-management option, users can manage their own dedicated servers. With fully managed dedicated server hosting, GoDaddy handles server management tasks for customers.

Self-Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Similar to self-managed VPS hosting, self-managed dedicated server hosting is another premium option offered by GoDaddy and is best utilized by individuals and organizations with strong technical expertise in server management.

System administrators, developers, and other users of self-managing dedicated hosts are granted root access, as well as SSD or HDD drives on state-of-the-art bare metal servers for complete control and configuration flexibility.

Self-managed dedicated server hosting is best for customers who need maximum power and control from their hosting environment and who have advanced server management skills to manage their own dedicated servers.

Fully managed dedicated server hosting

GoDaddy also offers fully managed dedicated server hosting as an alternative to its self-managed options. With this plan type, users still get the benefits and resources of a dedicated server, but GoDaddy handles server management tasks for the customer.

Examples of these services include:

  • Apache optimization
  • MySQL optimization
  • HTTP/2 server configuration
  • Advanced Performance Analysis
  • Firewall rule configuration and intrusion prevention
  • Server hardening
  • PHP configuration

This option is ideal for users who want the features and benefits of a dedicated server but don’t want to manage the server themselves. Premium technical support is also available 24/7 for hosted dedicated customers.

GoDaddy Website Builder

Another product that has become popular over the past few years is the GoDaddy website builder. So what is it? GoDaddy Website Builder is an online editing and publishing tool for creating websites without any coding or web development knowledge required.

It is a drag-and-drop website building solution that enables users to create websites easily and quickly. Users simply select a template relevant to their business or industry, then use the built-in editor to populate the template with things like images and text.

Website Builder also includes some bundled marketing tools, such as SEO and email marketing, as well as certain programs.

GoDaddy Builder Features

GoDaddy’s website builder provides users with many out-of-the-box features that help simplify the process of creating a website and building an online presence for small businesses.

Customers often use GoDaddy Website Builder because it provides an easy solution to create a website without spending a lot of time or money. Also, there is no need to purchase hosting plans or SSL certificates separately, as these products are included with every plan.

GoDaddy Online Store

GoDaddy offers an e-commerce website builder program called the GoDaddy Online Store for customers who want to sell their products online. This plan has all the standard features of other GoDaddy Website Builder plans, but also includes several other built-in features that simplify the setup and management of your online store.

Additionally, online store customers can connect their e-commerce sites to popular marketplaces like Instagram, Google, Etsy, eBay, Facebook, and Amazon. This allows users to sell from more places on the web and manage sales from those marketplaces through a unified online store dashboard.

For GoDaddy customers already signed up for the Website Builder program, switching to an online store is as easy as upgrading the plan.

Email and Microsoft 365 for GoDaddy

Professional Email and Microsoft 365 are another offering from GoDaddy for businesses. More simply, the product is called Microsoft 365 by GoDaddy.

With this product, customers can sign up with a professional email address that includes their domain name. GoDaddy offers two separate products where customers can sign up to use only Microsoft 365 email, also known as Microsoft Outlook.

However, GoDaddy also offers higher-level plans that provide users with a professional email address, as well as the Microsoft 365 Office suite of apps.

Professional Email

With GoDaddy’s Professional Email Plan, customers can sign up to use an email address that includes their domain name. For example, a customer can create an email address such as [email protected] This product is perfect for business owners who want to have a professional email address that matches their website name.

GoDaddy offers two different email-only plans for customers who only need a Microsoft Outlook email address and not the Microsoft 365 Office suite of apps. The two plans are called Email Essentials and Email Plus.

The main difference between the two email plan tiers is the amount of email storage customers receive (10GB for Email Essentials and 50GB for Email Plus).

Professional email with Microsoft 365

GoDaddy also offers several other higher-tier plans for customers who want a professional email address and Microsoft Office. These plans are called Online Essentials and Business Premium. Under both plans, users can access Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Teams.

The main difference between these plans is that with Online Essentials, users only have access to the web app versions of Office apps. This means that customers can only use the online versions of Word, Excel, etc. through an Internet browser.

With Microsoft 365 Business Premium, customers can also access the web app version of Office, but they can also install the Office suite on up to 5 devices of their choice. This is great for users who need to be able to install Office on their computer, tablet or smartphone.

SSL certificate

One product GoDaddy has long offered to its customers is an SSL certificate to help secure and encrypt their website. Not only does an SSL certificate help protect sensitive data, but it also shows visitors that a website is authentic.

Additionally, SSL certificates may also have a positive impact on SEO, as search engines tend to favor websites served over encrypted HTTPS connections rather than non-secure HTTP connections.

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