Get Pixabiz launches cheap website building service

Get Pixabiz, a UK-based digital marketing agency, is delighted to announce the launch of their affordable website building service, which allows clients to have a fully functional and attractive website in just 7 days for just £99 website. It’s important to note that the above prices are only available during the launch period. While Get Pixabiz will serve small business websites across the UK, they are currently focusing on the North West of the UK, including Lancashire and Yorkshire towns such as: Manchester, Bolton, Preston, Blackburn, Bourne Leeds, Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, and other surrounding towns.

Along with their Build Your Website service, they are currently offering a Pixabiz Lifetime package with a £99 signup fee and no monthly fee. This lifetime package provides a fully functional yet attractive professional multi-page website. This is a website that is completely done for the client and ensures that the client has no complicated technology and ongoing website hosting fees to deal with. Features of this lifetime package include: web hosting and SSL; fast loading pages; regular backups; top-notch security; built on top of WordPress CRM; an easy-to-use editor, all customized to the client’s brand; Responsive; includes premium plugins; and delivered within target 7 days. They also offer 12-month custom domain transfers; third-party integrations; SEO integrations; and social outreach.

They offer a variety of websites, including home business websites. They specialize in a variety of businesses, including retailers, home or online sellers, sellers in high street stores, and people who typically sell through Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. Pixabiz is dedicated to solving the various problems that small business owners often encounter when trying to build a website for them. These include: wasted time, hidden fees, weeks of effort, DIY confusion, risk, high setup costs, poor customer service, and sudden abandonment by website builders. They can build various types of websites according to the client’s needs, such as: 5-page brochure website, e-commerce website, lead generation website, booking website and website for SEO.

Ismail Ougradar of Get Pixabiz says: “I have been building websites for a long time and find it much easier to build a website now than it was 10 years ago. I can complete a website in a few hours instead of the days when I first started Weeks… If I need a few hours to complete a website then there is no point in charging small business owners over £1000 for it. I don’t want to overcharge so I decided to create a community of websites where small business owners can Which gets a website with all the features they need at a fraction of the cost a website designer charges. Pixabiz website owners also gain a huge advantage by being part of the website community right from the start. Their website starts from the first Be part of the community from day one and rank higher on Google and search engines.”

Get Pixabiz is a digital marketing agency with over 17 years of experience in providing digital marketing, SEO and digital media services in the UK. They focus on providing small businesses with all the tools and features to help their businesses come online and thrive. They can help promote their clients’ brands, products and services by providing access to the most efficient and popular software in one place at a fraction of the price. Their services enable customers to quickly get online, promote their products and services, expand their business, and take advantage of business automation tools. Their Pixabiz service is perfect for small businesses, home sellers, and merchants.

Those looking for help in getting an effective small business website can visit the Get Pixabiz website, give them a call or contact them via email.

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