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If you are a blogger looking to build a website, there is one website building platform that stands out from all the others: WordPress.

Originally designed for blogging, and now the world’s most popular website software, it has everything you need to create an exciting, feature-rich blog.

However, the success of any blog or website depends on the quality of its hosting.

So let’s see uke hosta fully managed WordPress hosting provider, and what it offers.

What is fully managed WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is a specialized form of hosting designed to meet the specific requirements of the WordPress content management system.

A CMS consists of core software, a MySQL database, separate themes, and a set of separate plugins that users install to provide additional functionality. This structure means that the website runs multiple scripts at the same time, and this level of processing affects the performance of the server, causing the website to load slowly and perform slowly.

WordPress hosting overcomes this by optimizing the server for its needs.

In the best case, this is achieved by providing high performance Intel Xeon processors and SSD drives and by using NGINX cache, HTTP2, PHP7+OPcache, etc. These are features you won’t typically find in servers designed to host a range of different platforms.

While WordPress hosting is designed to meet the needs of the platform, “full hosting” is a service designed to meet the needs of bloggers. There are three levels of site management you need to keep up with on your WordPress blog.

The most important thing for you is to manage the content and appearance of your website, which you will do through the WordPress admin panel.

You’ll also need to manage your hosting and email, and perform other administrative and maintenance tasks, which are done through your control panel.

Finally, there are more complex tasks of managing the server itself, such as updating and patching the operating system and making sure your server is in top shape.

Fully managed hosting refers to the latter, where server management tasks are entirely taken care of by your web host. With this, the burden of running a blog is greatly reduced.


While these are the main features of fully managed WordPress hosting, some web hosts go beyond these, offering features that make other areas of website management easier, offering services to keep your website secure, and offering to help your blog grow Tool of.

Here are some things you should be aware of.

WordPress Toolkit

WordPress Toolkit is a control panel tailored for managing WordPress sites, providing everything you need to master your blog and hosting. It features tools like a one-click installer that lets you install WordPress in 30 seconds; a multisite manager that lets you manage multiple blogs from a single interface; it enables you to automatically install security patches that prevent your website vulnerable to attack.

One of its most useful properties is that it enables you to make changes to your site in the development environment, including installing new themes or plugins. This way, you can check that everything is ok before going live. Therefore, changes that could take your blog offline or make it non-functional are avoided. What’s more, if something goes wrong during the change, you can revert to the previous version, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Since many bloggers are not IT-savvy, one of the most useful features of the WordPress Toolkit is that it comes with a built-in security advisor. This allows you to check all your WordPress sites for security issues and fix them with just a few clicks. It even has a one-click hardening feature that applies best-practice security measures with just one click. Of course, a good web host also protects your server from hackers and malware with a strong firewall, and offers a range of other security features like free SSL certificates and spam filtering.

Email hosting

Although the domain name you buy for your blog can also be used for your email address (for example, [email protected]), surprisingly not all WordPress hosting plans include email hosting. If you want to leverage your professionally branded emails, it’s best to choose a plan. This will save you the cost of having to pay for a separate email hosting account, and means you can manage your email in the same place where you manage the rest, such as adding new addresses, setting up forwarding and autoresponders, etc. for your hosting.

You should also make sure that any email hosting offered is fit for purpose, ie can you integrate it with Outlook and other clients? Can you access it via webmail? Does it have a calendar, contacts and tasks? Are there spam, malware and phishing filters?

VPS upgrade

Shared WordPress hosting is ideal for most bloggers and will provide all the storage and resources they need. Most WordPress hosting providers do offer a range of plans that will increase in size if your blog grows and your audience gets bigger. However, if you become so successful that you have a very large audience, or you run multiple blogs that get a lot of traffic between them, shared WordPress hosting may no longer be enough. In this case, you need to upgrade to the next level of hosting, a virtual private server (VPS).

While VPS is far superior to shared hosting, the difficulty is that there are only a few web hosts such as uke host, has decided to offer managed VPS WordPress hosting to its customers. So, if you want all the benefits of fully managed WordPress hosting with all the features and performance of a VPS, then these service providers are the way to go.

Free daily backups

Blogging is often a labor of love that people have worked on for years. Losing all of those positions doesn’t just mean years of work go away; it could mean your audience and hard-earned income could go with it. Your posts or even your entire website can be lost due to issues such as cyberattacks, hardware failures, software corruption, or even accidental deletion.

However, there is a simple solution to ensure that such disasters are resolved quickly – and that is to regularly back up your website. With some fully managed WordPress hosting solutions, you’ll find free daily backups included with the plan, so you won’t have to pay extra for the service. In fact, you don’t even have to create backups yourself, they are done for you automatically and will wait when you need to use them.

24/7 support

Most bloggers will readily admit that while they are generally good at creating the public face of their website, they can get out of their comfort zone when it comes to taking care of the back end. This means that when something goes wrong, they will need help to correct the problem. For this reason, bloggers need to opt for a WordPress hosting plan with free, 24/7 technical support as standard. In this way, expert support is always available to solve your problems every day, every day. Also, look for hosts that also offer support in the form of knowledge bases and community forums—of course, their own blogs are helpful too.

in conclusion

Fully managed WordPress hosting is ideal for WordPress blogs and other websites, providing optimized performance and meeting the challenges of server management. However, the best web hosts go beyond that, offering a wide range of other features that make your website easier to run, more secure, and support you on your blogging journey.

For more information, please visit eukhost.com/wordpress-hosting.

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