Fueled by inside-out balance and optimism, the Huns men’s basketball team excelled this winter

DAN THE MAN: Hun School boys basketball player Dan Vessey took the field and shot last season. Graduate guard Vessey is expected to start the offense for Hun this winter, in his final stint with the program. The Raiders plan to start the 2022-23 season with a game at St. Benedict on November 29, then host Haverford Schools (Pennsylvania) on December 1 before taking part in a game at Blair Academy on December 3. Coaching vs. Cancer, and 4. (Photo by Frank Wojciechowski)

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Although the Huns have only been training for a few weeks, Jon Stone has already developed a good feeling for his team.

“It’s been great, we’ve probably gone further than usual in terms of chemistry,” said Hun head coach Stone, who led the Raiders to a 14-10 record last winter while reaching the Mid-Atlantic Prep League. Semifinal (MAPL) and Prep A State Tournament. “It’s just a bunch of nice guys and a lot of fun.”

The Hun have a very good linebacker led by graduate student Dan Vessey and senior Anthony Loscalzo.

“Anyone with the kind of experience he’s had and all the talents he’s had; he’s been solid to us like a rock,” said Stone of sharpshooter Vessey, who has committed to the Army’s West Point and plays its men’s basketball project. “He handles the ball a lot for us, too. Anthony’s ability to shoot the ball, handle the ball and compete looks great.”

The Raiders have depth in the backfield and can compete with junior Malaka Kelly and sophomore AJ Mickens.

“Malachay played really, really well. He’s a new junior, and if we go with three guards, he can start after all is said and done,” said Stone, who will also use his senior Mike Jolly and junior Matt Lander at linebacker. “He’s in a similar shape to the other two guys, he’s a little shorter than Loscalzo, but he can really shoot. He’s a good ball handler, he’s probably our best point guard. They’re both ball handlers. Guard, they can both handle the ball and shoot. AJ is about 6’4” so he’s not in the same mold. He’s versatile. If I needed his size, he could play power forward, but he’s really a guard .”

At forward, transfer Symeon Efstathiou, a native of Athens, Greece, brings size and versatility to the team.

“Simon has a lot of skill; he’s really, really fond of passing the ball, but he can rebound, and he can block shots,” said Stone, the 6-foot-9 Efstathiou, who has committed to the Browns and plays for the men’s basketball team. “He can score, he can shoot threes. His passing ability is probably one of his greatest assets. He’s a quintessential European player.”

Power forward Anthony Arriguzzo will be a big asset in the frontcourt for Hun this winter.

“He looks great; he’s a very strong defender and rebounder, so he’s very versatile in his own right,” said Stone, the 6-foot-6 Aririguzoh. “His passing ability is underrated, and his shooting ability has been improved. He is low on this list, but he will still score for us this year, and his defense, rebounding and assists. “

Stone believes senior Ethan Gross and sophomore Dray Tayme will also bring some benefit to the paint.

“Ethan is doing really well, he’s 6-foot-7 and very mobile,” Stone said. “His size really helps our defense, his ability to run the floor and rebound the ball. He’s been a real asset in doing those things so far. De Rey’s been a surprise. He actually played on the freshman team last year And very dominant. Over the summer, he grew a little bit to 6-foot-5 and 225 pounds. He’s a football player, but he hasn’t played much football this year. He’s a specimen physically and has been Played really, really well for us.”

With the Huns once again facing a formidable foe, Stone believes his team is ready.

“We’ve lost some more vocal leaders and communication is going to be important from a vocal standpoint,” said Stone, whose team is scheduled to start at St. Benedict’s on Nov. 29. 2022-23 season, then host Haverford Schools (Pennsylvania) on December 1, then play Coaches and Cancer at Blair Academy on December 3 and 4.

“We’ve got some guys starting to work on that. Jack cost us a lot of rebounds. [Scott] especially along toby [Thornburg] and Iseha [Dickens]. This year we have to replace those things. We’re excited to start as usual. “

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