Kavita, Options trader and an IT professional

From Mentor to Technician, Earn Millions From Stock Market Trading

Stock exchanges can be one of the hardest and riskiest places in the world to make money, especially through futures and options trading. However, there are also people who crack it and go on to their full-time jobs. Kavita, based in Burdwan, West Bengal, currently works full-time as an IT professional in an Australian company, where he thrives in options trading.

Kavita learned the value of making money and the art of saving money at an early age.She was a bright student from a young age and started attending cram schools at the age of 14, earning as much as rupeeEach of her students pays a monthly fee of $250.

“When I was a kid, when I went to my grandparents’ house and relatives’ houses, I would give me money as a token of love. I saved the money to my mother, because she would give some interest based on the length of time, and she took the money with her,” said Cards. Vita recalled.

how to save money

Kavita believes that parental support during your formative years is indispensable and a determining factor in your success. She said her parents told her she could save money by controlling her spending habits.

Kavita continued to teach part-time while in college. Although Kavita went to school since she was a child, because her father could not afford the dormitory fee, she chose a university close to her hometown. So she commutes by bus for three hours a day. After arriving home in the evening, Kavita began tutoring the upperclassmen until 9 p.m.By then, Kavita had raised her tuition to about rupee400 people and teach math and science to students. The idea of ​​getting extra income gave her the joy of being “independent”.

Her teaching journey came to an end after she landed her first job at an IT company in Pune. During her training, Kavita saw her cubicle mates dabble in the stock. That was the first time Cahuita heard about the stock market. Since Kavita has always been in the habit of earning extra income for herself, she decided to learn more about stock trading. Kavita said her colleagues introduced her to stock trading. In addition, she gained her knowledge through business dailies and magazines.

Soon, Kavita started intraday trading and recorded a profit rupee200- rupee400 per day in the initial phase. But for her, trading is an on-and-off affair.Kavita obtained through personal loan rupee300,000 to create a portfolio. She said she took the loan after seeing her colleagues apply for the Career Point IPO and reaped huge returns after the listing. The decision proved to be a turning point, as it not only sparked her interest in the stock market, but also fostered her passion as a trader who has overcome all odds.

But when the loan documents arrived at her home address, her parents were furious. “My parents, like most families, thought the stock market was just a gamble and nobody made money from it,” she said.

When she showed them that her portfolio size had grown to rupee2 million.

However, Kavita said she formally learned about other aspects of trading during a futures and options training course held by a brokerage firm in 2016. Kavita then started trading futures, but lost a lot of money in the process. At the same time, she also started reading about what mutual funds and big investors were doing to recover their losses. That’s when she discovered the covered call strategy.

“Options trading solves a problem I’ve had for a long time — making money in a sideways market,” she said.

She quickly mastered the art of option strategies and was able to generate decent returns on her capital. Call yourself a position trader Kavita trades options weekly and monthly.

Despite her success in trading, she believes that one’s source of income should not be just trading.

She ardently said that one must have an additional source of income and not be completely dependent on the stock market. Her advice to newcomers to the stock market: keep working and make the stock market your side hustle until you’ve built up enough money, knowledge, and confidence in it.

Kavita also has her fair share of losses.Her biggest loss in the stock market was rupee800 000.

However, through her learning and experience, she is now generating substantial returns every year through options trading. Kavita’s biggest gain in options trading is rupeeTo date, it has reached 1.4 million in one day.

As a “guru” of the stock market right now, people have a solid understanding of stocks and then invest, but “always start with a small amount,” she suggested.

“Suppose if someone has rupee1 million principal can be invested rupee50,000 to rupeeInitially it was 100,000. Never put all your money in the market,” she explained.

Kavita says her tenets of success are “hard work,” “consistency,” and “discipline,” and her ultimate goal is to give back to the community. She didn’t reveal too much about her goals, other than saying, “There are several social issues in this country, but there will be more focus on issues related to women and efforts will be made to address them”.

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