From $100,000 to over $3 million – 51Blocks is taking its clients’ success to the next level

holds a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Business Marketing, michael bogut is the face of digital marketing in today’s era. Shortly after graduating, Michael joined a company as an administrator and programmer, but switched to marketing because that was what he wanted to do his whole life. It was there that he got his chance to try it out, which is how he got into the world of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO wasn’t even a well-known term at the time, but through his tactics, he was able to elevate the keyword “mortgage” to #1 on Google through their website,

With the results he got through this strategy, he realized the true potential of SEO, and he hasn’t looked back since. In 2009, he started his own white label digital marketing company, 51Blocks. The idea behind the company was to educate people about SEO because the concept was still new at the time and people didn’t really understand why it was essential to marketing any business. He felt it was the last level of the playing field for small businesses to compete with established companies with bigger budgets. It turned out that SEO was the perfect combination of his computer science and marketing backgrounds, and he loved both, so starting his own agency was a perfect fit for him.

Michael Borgelt’s skills and expertise in SEO and strategic digital marketing have wowed businesses and inspired them to turn to 51Blocks to promote their brands and services. He continued to assist clients by educating them on digital marketing and its capabilities, and soon dominated the white label digital marketing space with his unique client-facing services. As far as customer service is concerned, Michael is proud of it because, in his opinion, 51Blocks is the best option on the market considering the fees charged by the company.

51 pieces Handling Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Search (PPC) and Social Media with proven results in some of the most competitive industries. The company believes in demonstrating the true value of digital marketing. Not only do they report on rankings, traffic, and leads, but they go a step further with their custom reporting solutions that show ROI, ROAS, and lifetime value of customers. Over time, their customer base has grown by an average of around 30% to 50%. In fact, one client went from $100,000 to $3 million with the agency’s help. This is a prime example of a company truly transformed through digital marketing. Beyond that, Michael enjoys helping businesses grow beyond digital marketing. Another partner he helped go from $0 to $9 million in three years before selling the company for $11 million.

Always eager to learn and try new things, Michael sees it as an ongoing process and you can never say you know it all. As the digital space continues to advance, one can never stop learning, especially when it comes to developing new strategies and developing better business plans. While ranking is not as “easy” as it used to be, there are still plenty of opportunities in the digital marketing space because that’s where the “eyeballs” are. Therefore, it is imperative to continuously improve your skills.

Additionally, having the right mindset and attitude is critical to succeeding in any industry. Every day will have its ups and downs, but in order to achieve your goals, staying positive and focused on your work is key. “It’s something I’m very passionate about. Even as a kid, my mother would make me imagine what I wanted to achieve. It’s a big aspect of my life and I think if you’re thinking about what you want You can achieve anything with enough clarity on what you want to do… really,” Michael emphasizes. “It was like I imagined myself standing on the floor of Staples Center for seven years, and that moment happened. The mind is the strongest muscle in our body, and when we focus on something we’re passionate about, We can achieve amazing things,” he added.

Regardless of industry, 51Blocks has achieved leading growth of 20% to 40% year after year. Lead growth isn’t just traffic and rankings, it’s actual yearly growth. This is proof that the strategies Michael and his proficient team have been applying are working and helping their clients thrive.michael also has Bionic WPhelping organizations with their managed WordPress hosting needs, with a focus on excellent customer support.

Michael Borgelt didn’t taste success overnight. Thanks to his hard work, dedication and passion for making his dreams come true, he has done wonders not only for himself but also for his clients.

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