Forbes builds base in DailyCoin’s sandbox metaverse

Forbes sets up base in Sandbox Metaverse

Popular business magazine Forbes is Sandbox Metaverse in collaboration with Polygonal Mind. ‘ publisherworld wealtht’ by in Sandbox The Metaverse on November 10.

According to reports, the business magazine is committed to providing its readers, subscribers and members with more opportunities to understand and adopt Web 3.0.

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Web 3.0 most influential?

Forbes is undoubtedly one of the most influential mainstream business magazines in the world. The publication has built a reputation with lists and rankings of popular social topics, including “richest americanThe richest person in cryptocurrency‘, ‘the most powerful in the world‘, and more.

Forbes has been one of the first mainstream publications to cover the metaverse since its inception, and has been an active participant in Web 3.0 since establishing its presence through the digitization of NFTs on some of its iconic magazine covers.

This ‘The most influential in the world‘The publisher also unveiled its successful Digital Assets and Web 3.0 Summit in March this year’virtual billionaire A collection of NFTs, in partnership with FTX.

Forbes’ commitment to bring its experience to Web 3.0 bodes well for institutional and mainstream adoption in the field. The business magazine claims to reach over 150 million people monthly across all platforms, and its partnership with Polygonal Mind could serve as the perfect bridge for those users to Web 3.0.

Polygonal Mind is a creative development studio that has been acclaimed for its contributions to the virtual worlds of Decentraland and The Sandbox, including for the upcoming Virtual World Music Festival. Other accolades include building 3D models, avatars, and environments in games like Beat Saber, Crypto Avatars, Morphite, and more.

Forbes’ Sandbox Experience

Here’s a quick breakdown of what Forbes’ upcoming enthusiasts can expect Sandbox Experience with Polygonal Mind:

  • Forbes members will receive wearable NFTs as entry tickets Sandbox Metaverse experience.
  • Forbes Virtual World will feature real Forbes memorabilia, including an NFT gallery showcasing the magazine’s success, which will also host the publication’s “virtual billionaire A collection of NFTs, and virtual net assets based on real-time NYSE pricing.
  • Challenging quests and scavenger hunts, virtual parties and Forbes Highland yachts await players.
  • Players will be able to interact with other members of the virtual space, participate in trivia about Forbes and its history, and more.

Forbes CTO Vadim Supitskiy added that Forbes aims to expand its reach into every medium and engage with users wherever they are. Supistsky further shared that the company is always looking to provide additional value to members by delivering unique and engaging experiences in Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.

Supitskiy envisions Web 3.0 as a place where the Forbes community can make new connections, learn, discover new ideas, and interact socially.

on the other hand

  • This event is open to members only. Attendees must be subscribed to Forbes to receive permission to attend. Forbes subscriptions cost between $7 and $80, depending on the time frame.
  • Forbes’ social media accounts have not shared any details about the upcoming event.

why you should care

Forbes’ embrace of Web 3.0 is significant for the field, as it represents a step in the right direction toward mainstream adoption. This business magazine has millions of monthly subscribers and readers, and through Forbes’ efforts, they have the potential to transition to Web 3.0. The Metaverse event is a milestone effort to introduce new users to the Metaverse and Web 3.0. Most importantly, it shows Forbes’ commitment to connecting with members and rewarding their loyalty with exclusive engagement opportunities.

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