Fobi’s Qples goes live with new affiliate marketing

Vancouver, British Columbia, October 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Forby artificial intelligence company (FOBI: TSXV FOBIF: OTCQB) (the “Company” or “FOBI”), a leader in delivering real-time data analytics through artificial intelligence to improve operational efficiency and profitability, today announced the launch of its new Qples affiliate marketing platform 10 Top Affiliates , and the first two ShopperBridge deals. Fobi will resell coupon prints through affiliate sites and social platforms, generating revenue from affiliate marketing platforms. Fobi generates revenue from the ShopperBridge deal through media and advertising sales.

new member Marketing Launched 10 affiliates and successfully launched the platforming this week

Fobi’s new affiliate marketing platform is off to a good start, with 10 of the top affiliates signing up for the first launch, and these affiliates get millions of monthly pageviews. All affiliates will promote the Qples Coupon Vault through their heavily trafficked website, currently only through the Grocery Coupon Network (GCN). This will significantly increase the exposure of Qples coupons through these top affiliates and will immediately increase Qples’ monthly coupon prints. Qples pays members a percentage of revenue per coupon print from the money that CPG brands pay to Qples for coupon campaigns. This means that as the number of coupon prints increases, so does revenue. The initial focus is on members with a large following community who will immediately increase the number of coupon prints. The next focus is on signing up influencers who can drive massive coupon print volumes with hundreds of millions of loyal followers. To this end, Fobi’s recent agreement with Xinfluence will play a key role in providing CPG brands with an influential influencer campaign.

Eddie Watson, President Qples go through Forby Said: “Since the acquisition, Qples has benefited from the strong capabilities of Fobi’s technology and marketing teams, including the launch of our new affiliate marketing platform. Through their extensive work, we have been able to offer coupons through a combination of some very important affiliates The ability to expand our business and strengthen our platform. The initial rollout through 10 major branches will immediately increase our coupon printing revenue by 10x, and thanks to our agreement with XInfluence, as we add new branches and connections Down some of the major influencers, this will only continue to grow. Thanks to the extremely powerful analytics provided by the Qples platform, our clients will now be able to deliver coupons through more channels than ever, while easily tracking and optimizing them in real-time activity.”

first 2 QPLES & SHOPPERBRIDGE deals are now live

Following the initial announcement of the addition of the ShopperBridge media platform to the Qples by Fobi solution set, Fobi is pleased to announce that the first two deals are now live. The first deal was signed with Karuna, the maker of the very popular Karviva line of beverages aimed at improving health and wisdom. The second deal has been signed with Blue Bunny Ice Cream, a new expansion of the recently announced end-to-end 8112 universal digital coupon pilot, Fobi is part of La Gris, Colorado grocery store. The ShopperBridge platform enables CPG brands to measure in-store sales lift from their media advertising campaigns on a product-by-product and store-by-store basis, addressing a longstanding issue in the industry. To date, CPG brands have responded strongly to the ShopperBridge platform as it allows them to more granularly track in-store attribution and ROI in ad campaigns.

“I am very satisfied with this latest news because not only have we brought our new affiliate marketing platform to the market, but in a short period of time we have validated our product and business model by going live and signing up our top 10 influencers. Our affiliates The network marketing platform achieved our goal of exponentially growing our distribution through the power and reach of the network, and these advances certainly bode well for our business performance at the end of the quarter due to our early success and set the table and the Good expectations for 2023. Thanks to the great collaboration between our Fobi and Qples teams, all parts of the retail and CPG ecosystem that I envisioned when I acquired Qples are now in place. We are only now starting to make strides, and with Qples And with the launch of the 8112, we’re getting momentum across the board, and it’s giving us a lot of energy and optimism about what 2023 will bring,” said Rob Anson Forby CEO.

FOBI’s QPLES Hosting Affiliate Marketing Platform Webinar on November 16TH 10 AM PST

To learn more about Qples for Fobi Affiliate Marketing Platform, register for the upcoming webinar on November 16thth Visit the website at 10AM PST here or here.

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