Fobi launches Passcreator integration with Streamboxy,

Vancouver, British Columbia, October 25, 2022 (Global News) — Forby artificial intelligence company (FOBI: TSXV FOBIF: OTCQB) (the “Company” or “FOBI”), a leader in delivering real-time data analytics through artificial intelligence to improve operational efficiency and profitability, today announced the launch of a new Passcreator integration with Streamboxy to enable the use of Passcreator Wallet Pass for a mix of meetings and events supporting live and remote attendees. Streamboxy is a European events platform providing personalized and flexible online and hybrid events for Tier 1 companies in the automotive, electronics and other industries. All Streamboxy customers will be able to issue Passcreator Wallet passes to all attendees of their live, hybrid and remote events. Fobi will generate revenue from the affiliate marketing platform as well as the license fees for wallet passes distributed by Streamboxy customers through the integration by resale of the Streamboxy Hybrid Event solution.

STREAMBOXY supports mixing Events, Join FOBI CHECKPOINT’s Collection of Meetings and Events Solutions

Coming out of the pandemic where virtual events have become the norm, many events and conferences have reverted to in-person events, but hybrid events that enable both in-person and remote attendees to attend events and interact seamlessly continue to gain traction as they support the best of both worlds. According to research by EventMB, 63% of event professionals believe their events will become hybrid in the future. By adding the ability to support blended events to Fobi’s Checkpoint meeting and event solutions, Fobi can support a wider range of events and serve more clients in the meeting and event space.

STREAMBOXY provides services and the PASSCREATOR pass For many Tier 1 companies in the automotive and electronics industriesTonRonix IndustriesIES

Founded in 2020, Streamboxy already serves several well-known companies such as BMW, Volkswagen, and Panasonic. The recognition of the quality of their services by a Tier 1 company like this speaks volumes about their positioning in the European market. With the integration with Passcreator complete and an agreement with Fobi, they also turned their attention to conquering North America. Streamboxy and Fobi will continue to expand their business with existing European customers, but at the same time bring this joint Hybrid Event solution to the North American market, serving larger enterprise customers who are more likely to host Hybrid events. A recent statistic from markletic shows that 71% of businesses with more than 5,000 employees have mixed events in their event portfolio.

“We are excited to partner with Fobi’s Passcreator and integrate their Wallet Pass platform for mixed events. Their platform allows us to tailor our live communications to the needs of our attendees. Thanks to the integration, we can send location and time based push notifications, and make on-site registration more seamless to create memorable events. We are delighted to have found a partner where we can take hybrid events to the next level,” said Johannes Equity, Director flow box.

“We are seeing growing interest in our Wallet Pass-based CheckPoint solution for meetings and events. The ability to support hybrid events will be key to addressing the enterprise market in this space. Again, we are working together to deliver our of customer-requested markets to provide functionality, which allows us to expand our reach and market share, especially in Europe,” said Rob Anson Forby CEO.

To learn more about Passcreator integrated with Fobi and Streamboxy, visit the Fobi website here.

To download the Fobi Investor Experience Wallet Pass for better access to investor information about Fobi, visit the download page.

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about flow box
STREAMBOXY’s mission is to make activities easier for everyone. Attendees, Marketing, IT, Security and Data Protection see a secure and flexible event platform as a solid foundation for great personal events. Launched in 2020, the product hopes to enable companies to build sustainable relationships both online and on-site.

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Fobi is a cutting-edge data intelligence company that helps our clients turn real-time data into actionable insights and personalized customer engagements that increase profits. Fobi’s unique IoT devices seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructure to enable data connectivity across online and on-premises platforms, creating highly scalable solutions for our global customers. Fobi partners with some of the world’s largest companies to provide best-in-class solutions and operates in the global retail, telecommunications, sports and entertainment, casino gaming, and hospitality and travel industries.
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