Women in Action (FiA) South Coast offers free, peer-led outdoor workouts to women of all ages and abilities every Wednesday and Saturday at North Park in Fall River.

Fall River Women’s Free Workouts

FALL RIVER — On Wednesdays and Saturdays, North Park is a great place to work out, make friends and have fun.

Twice a week, a group gathers at Highland Community Park — rain or shine, even snow — for the growing South Coast Women in Action (FIA).

Now in its second year, FiA South Coast is a local fitness group — part of a larger national FiA program — spearheaded by 30-year-old Fall River resident Caitlin Botelho.

The gist: it’s always free, it’s always outside, it’s always women.

The FIA ​​Regional Director, Botelho, explained that the group is about much more than just exercise.

“Yes, we work out a lot together, but I wouldn’t say we work out first – it’s more social, more mental…it’s positive and uplifting,” said Beau, director of the Old Colony. Tello said of the YMCA emergency shelter program in New Bedford.

According to the FIA’s website, its mission is to empower women’s communities to strengthen each other in all areas of life by focusing on body, mind and heart.

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More than just a fitness group

Botelho says the group does this by hosting social gatherings — going to dinner, going out for coffee, throwing parties — so members can get to know each other and build relationships outside of workouts.

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