Expertnaire’s Affiliate Marketing Summit attracts thousands in Lagos

flagged “The Secret to Becoming an Unstoppable Affiliate Sales Machine”, Held on Victoria Island, Lagos, the event featured sessions on principles, ethics and systems that help attendees take advantage of multiple affiliate marketing opportunities across the globe.

Founder of Expertnaire, event convener, Toyin Omotoso said, while the turnout of over 2000 was “encourage,” There is still a lot of work to be done to get more Nigerians to embrace affiliate marketing. Despite the rapid adoption of internet penetration and other technological advancements such as encryption and web3, Nigerians seem hesitant to delve into the world of affiliate marketing.

Speaking of which, Omotoso said that one of the challenges for Expertnaire was getting more people to know about the many benefits of the field. “Many Nigerians are either unfamiliar or do not understand the concept of affiliate marketing,” He says.

“It’s a relatively new concept. In fact, over the past year when we’ve tried to push online marketing more aggressively, we’ve even seen people claim that affiliate marketing is a scam. So we had to go over and over again. Educating people everywhere, we’re still working on it.”

The Lagos Summit also doubles as an awards ceremony for some of the top marketers in the Expertnaire sales programme. Chief Executive Officer of Nairabet and Legislator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Akin ArabyAttended to present cars to five of them in honor of their impressive sales record over the past few months.

Commenting, Omotosho said: “From time to time we have contests where people are asked to make a certain number of sales. The top performers are the ones who own cars today.

“We typically face these challenges within a specific time frame. Some of the people who received gifts today won gifts back in June of this year. We make sure to face many of these challenges on a regular basis to inspire people.”

Ruth Ozioma, one of the car recipients became an affiliate marketer for only 14 months, but it changed her life and gave her unprecedented financial freedom. In her words: “I have been working on Expertnaire for a year and two months. It has changed the game for me as I am still a 200L student in Nsukka. It has given me freedom in life. I can take care of myself at school. I can do Anything I want to do, and then I’ve been traveling around the world. I’ve been to the Seychelles, Dubai, and then to the World Cup in November.”

another winner, Chigozy Maybo, Shares his success story with affiliate marketing so far. “I’ve been on Expertnaire for 2 years. The most important thing for me should be the car I just won,” He says.

“On a larger scale, I can say that I’ve grown so much since I joined the company in 2020. I’ve gone from someone earning 42k a month to someone earning over 8 figures a month ,” He is very enthusiastic.

While many of these success stories are due to the bounty of affiliate marketing, they are too few to capture all that Nigerians or even other Africans have access to.

“We still have a long way to go. Affiliate marketing is a big global industry, and we’re just getting started,” Toyin Omotosho says“In Africa, Nigeria is the country that knows the most about internet usage and digital marketing. If we have so many people in Nigeria who know nothing about affiliate marketing, imagine what is happening on the continent now.

“So what we’re trying to do is upgrade our systems so they can be more compliant with global standards and then go into Africa. We’ve been getting requests all over the continent, so we want to take advantage of those opportunities. That’s what we’re working on right now. direction,” he concluded.

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